Shit! Bil Araújo says he was excluded from ‘group’ and is denied by other ex-BBBs | celebrities


Published 10/05/2021 19:13

Rio – Bil Araújo was involved in a controversy this Tuesday. During his confinement in Record TV’s ‘A Fazenda 13′, the model said that they had excluded him from a group of ex-BBBs’ WhatsApp from his edition. According to him, Juliette and Gil do Vigor do not participate in the chat either.

The video of Bil’s statement quickly spread to social media. And it was through them that the ex-brothers manifested themselves on the matter and denied that he was excluded.

“It’s bad to hear that! The only one who raised the fans and collective efforts for him was me! But is life really like that?”, wrote Caio Afiune.

On Twitter, Nego Di went further. The comedian made a point of posting a print of a conversation between the model and Viih Tube in June. In the image of the conversation, it shows when youtuber invited him to join the group after his participation in ‘No Limite’ and he refused.

Already on Instagram Stories, he commented on the situation. “Everyone was invited to join the group, the three who didn’t join were Juliette, Lucas and Bil because Bil was in ‘No Limite’, then he was invited, I put the print there for you. He didn’t want to join. Juliette said she would wait for the dust to settle, organize her head, run around, if she understands, it’s all right. Lucas never answered the messages. Nobody was excluded, he saw that the strategy of ‘excluded’ in the program for some and he wants to use it to win ‘The Farm’, is that it? The poor thing. Damn it, right,” he snarled, who continued: “The worst thing is that there are people who buy this alternative reality that he created in his head. not even at the house, we were there, we lived, everyone knows, comments, he wanted to stay with Karol because she was the dearest person in the house so far, and he didn’t want to go out”.

Arthur Picoli mocked Bil’s speech via Twitter. “It’s what? Kakakakaka. It’s not there who doesn’t want it, simple as that. Evil group (laughs),” he wrote.

Contrary to Bil’s statement, Gil do Vigor confirmed that he participates in the group when responding to a message from Caio. “I’m in the group yes”.