State to build airport in Vale do Jaguaribe, announces Camilo Santana – Samuel Quintela

Ceará will have another regional airport In the next years. This Tuesday, the governor Camilo Santana announced that the State government will build a terminal in Vale do Jaguaribe, probably installed in the municipality of Morada Nova.

The information was confirmed during the opening event of a milk production plant in the Bethany Dairy, the only one in Ceará to produce powdered milk.

We are going to start up the regional hospital here in Limoeiro do Norte, and it is under bidding, which was our dream, an agricultural exhibition park in the region, which will be in Quixeramobim, and I want to announce here firsthand that we are going to build the regional airport the Jaguaribe Valley, just like what we are doing in Sobral,” he said.

Camilo Santana

State governor

The airport should be built on land donated by the Girão family, owner of Betânia. However, there is still no confirmation of investment or deadline for starting the works.

Camilo participates in the inauguration of the Betânia Lácteos factory

kid junior

Although there is no forecast for the start of work, the state governor stated that the regional airport at Vale do Jaguaribe should be installed in Morada Nova and should use the same project made for the terminal in Sobral.

The works are expected to last about 1 year and a half.

“We are going to build the modern airport that should be here in Morada Nova. We are going to take the same project from Sobral and we are going to bid for this work to begin as soon as possible. We are going to take an average, more or less, of what went to the airport in Sobral, so the works should last 1 year and a half,” said the governor