Sylvinho justifies Willian’s replacement and explains the situation for the number 10

Coach Sylvinho explained the replacement of midfielder Willian, who left the team at the break of the victory against Bahia, by 3-1. last weekend, against Red Bull Bragantino.

“Willian has been having a kind of discomfort, since the game against Red Bull. It’s not serious, nothing serious. But it’s part of our job to monitor. They are athletes who came from different backgrounds. It changes a lot, food, methodology, and we need to manage so that they don’t have injuries in the future. Willian, in the play before the penalty, he felt some discomfort, and in the meantime I made that decision, which was difficult. He wanted to continue, the game was good, but it was better to preserve it to continue with the good preparation and construction of the athlete,” said the coach, at a press conference at Neo Química Arena after the game.

Willian played his fourth game for Timon on Tuesday, his fourth as a starter. In all, the midfielder left the field before the final whistle. Against Bahia, he played only 45 minutes. Even so, Sylvinho stated that the tendency is for the athlete to be available for the team’s next appointment.

“The concern is to manage all the athletes. Starting tomorrow, we will think about the next game, knowing the condition of the players. The cycle is three, four days. Comfort is greater, but let’s see how they will arrive during these days . We are going to work little by little with all the necessary care, taking advantage of the club’s structure, in order to take advantage of the group and play Saturday against Sport”, added Sylvinho.

As the captain recalled, Corinthians will face Sport in the next round. The match takes place on Saturday, at 4:30 pm, in Recife.

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