Telegram notifications irritate? Disable New Contact Alerts – 10/05/2021

Yesterday’s Facebook blackout, which prevented the use of WhatsApp for almost 8 hours, made many people switch to Telegram, a rival messaging system. What would have been a solution, however, ended up causing stress for some—and a joke for others. The reason? Notifications from the crowd entering the app that kept popping up on the phone.

And who can handle all those new contact alerts on Telegram? The good thing is that you can get rid of them once and for all. WhatsApp goes down again, isn’t it?

The process is simple. You only need to disable a feature in the settings. In just two steps, you can no longer be distracted by the warnings in the app.

The tutorial was done on Android 7.1.1, on a Moto E4 phone. On the iPhone, some instructions change, but it’s not something that will impede your understanding.

1 – On the app’s home screen, go to the upper left side, where there is an icon with three bars. On the new screen, continue to “Settings” in the lower left corner of the app.

Telegram - How to take notifications 1 - Playback - Playback
Image: Reproduction

2 – Proceed to the “Notifications and Sounds” option, which is the first option in the “Settings” menu.

Then go to “Events” located a little below the other features. Now disable the item “Contact entered the Telegram” by pressing the button.

Telegram - How to take notifications 2 - Playback - Playback
Image: Reproduction

Ready! You will no longer receive notifications from new contacts who join Telegram.