The Farm: Marina Ferrari’s hair catches fire in the kitchen

People, what a fear! During the afternoon of Tuesday, October 5th, Marina Ferrari was in the kitchen and had her hair burned!!

Owner of long wires, Marina Ferrari had them loose when she suddenly realized that the fire had hit them as she approached the stove. Despite the fright, the piece proved to be fine.

On the web, viewers were worried about the piece.

Check out:


Marina Ferrari’s financial condition became controversial in A Fazenda 2021, right after the start of the game. It all started because, during a dynamic performed live, in the first weeks of the reality show, Fernanda Medrado accused Rico of having said that Marina didn’t need to win the R$1,500 million prize because her parents are rich. The subject was also addressed by Solange Gomes in conversation with MC Gui and Tiago Silva.

Rico denied the funkeira’s speech and engaged in an inflamed bang with his colleague in confinement. “I said: ‘Her parents are rich, but she never depended on her parents, she took courses, she always followed.’ The conversation I speak is always this one”, fired the influencer. Marina believed in her friend and thought that her words would have been distorted in the ‘said told me’ of the crowd.

Gossip aside, a video posted on Marina’s social networks shows her father talking about his daughter’s way of facing her professional life, without simply wanting to reap the rewards of the heritage built by her father. In the caption of the video, the worker’s team wrote: “We brought an excerpt from when the Ferrari daddies talked a little about our worker’s determination: ‘I want something that I build myself, that I make it grow, because I already have yours. I’ll get everything ready and I don’t want that. It has no merit for me…’”.

Marina’s advisors also tried to clear up the talk, confirming that her father does have a great financial condition, they are not famous and that this does not interfere with the participant’s merit.

“Even if she was from a very wealthy family, which is not our case, that would be no demerit for her. On the contrary, she would have to be congratulated for being a fighter and for having always run after it. She can even be considered from a family that lives in a good social condition, as we know that this is not the situation of most Brazilians, but far from being labeled a rich family. She has been on the web since she was 15 years old. He has always followed the development of social networks. From the beginning, Marina posted the makeup and hairstyles she used to do and it didn’t take long for her to hit the internet”, pondered Jurandir via her daughter’s advisor.

Businessman Jurandir Gomes made his fortune at Mister’s, one of the most traditional menswear stores on the coast of Maceió, Alagoas. His mother Adriana Ferrari is a successful biomedical practitioner who has nearly 100,000 followers on Instagram. The person also owns the Marina Ferrari Store, a make-up and beauty shop based in Maceió. Today with more than 4.2 million followers on Instagram, Marina began her trajectory as an influencer by publishing content about beauty on the internet.


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