‘They asked me about drug trafficking’

Singer Shakira, 44, spoke about the xenophobia she suffered during the beginning of her career as a native of Colombia, a country located in Latin America.

On the cover of the current issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, the pop music star said that when she started to be successful in the United States, the press portrayed her as “the second best product ever exported by Colombia to the world” and that, she believes, the first “a better product would be cocaine”.

“I was like, why are journalists asking me about drug trafficking? My country is much more than that,” said the artist, who wondered what would happen today if the media kept asking that kind of question. .

In the interview, Shakira also spoke about the period when she ran the risk of losing her voice and was almost forced to retire in 2017, after suffering a hemorrhage that compromised her vocal cords. According to her, she cried every day with the fear of not being able to work anymore, and highlighted the importance of the fans to help her overcome that phase.

“In that darkest hour of my life, I realized how lucky I was. All those people gave me everything I needed to heal. And I healed myself. Contrary to what the doctors said. It was very dangerous. I cried every day while my voice faded. I never thought how important it was to have a voice until I lost it. I never stopped thanking my voice when it came back,” he declared.

The artist said that she doesn’t feel the need to be surrounded by the public at all times, by large crowds, and that she likes to enjoy moments of calm with her family. Finally, she said, is pleased that her sons, 8-year-old Milan, and 6-year-old Sasha, from her marriage to Gerard Piqué, will remember her “dressed in pajamas” and without all the trappings of a pop star.

Shakira has companies in tax haven

Pop music star Shakira is one of the personalities cited in a journalistic investigation that revealed personalities and political leaders who own companies in tax havens, such as the Brazilian Economy Minister Paulo Guedes.

Shakira appears as the owner of three companies registered in the British Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean region. However, the famous one denies any wrongdoing.

Owning business in a tax haven is not the only controversy that surrounds the singer’s name. Since last year, he has been accused by the Internal Revenue Service of Spain of having defrauded R$ 97 million in taxes between the years 2012 and 2014 — in his defense, she claims that, at the time, he had no permanent residence in the European country.