Tiger Sport 660: 5 points to know from Triumph

This Tuesday, October 5th, Triumph held the Tiger Sport 660 global release. Let’s highlight the 5 important points from the British novelty.

1- Tiger Sport 660: 81 hp engine

In addition, the model has a seat height of 834 mm

Last year Triumph introduced the Trident 660 with a new engine. Thus, to take advantage of the platform, the British brand also used the same propellant in Tiger Sport.

Thus, the model was equipped with a 660cc three-cylinder engine, that delivers maximum power of 81 hp at 10,250 rpm and torque up to 6.52 kgf.m in 6,250 turns. Your exchange counts with six gears and the weight of 206 kilos, already stocked.

2 – Price wants to ‘hook’ Tiger family admirers

The new Tiger presents itself as the most popular price model than the other Tigers

The model was presented in England with a suggested price of 8,450 pounds sterling, in other words, something around BRL 92,990. Thus, the Tiger Sport 660 presents itself as the entry bike into the Tiger family abroad, role that may also play here in Brazil soon.

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3 – Embedded technology

The instrument panel is easy to handle

Tiger Sport 660 received a new instrument panel TFT with connection to the My Triumph app (smartphone connectivity system) and allows turn-by-turn navigation, GoPro control and other cell phone functionalities.

Tiger Sport 660

The Tiger Sport 660 has two modes of riding and traction control

In addition, the model has two driving modes, Road and Rain, which adjust the throttle response and settings for traction control, giving the rider a control over the bike that is more adjusted to the riding conditions. To complete, the lighting chosen for the new model is full-LED.

4 – Designer components

Thus, Triumph chose to put ABS on both wheels

The bike also has ABS on two wheels, with 310 mm double discs at the front, double piston axial calipers Nissin in addition to suspension of inverted showa fork 41 mm in diameter, with a 150 mm stroke. While at the rear there is a 255mm disc, single-piston caliper and Showa mono-shock suspension with preload adjustment, with 150mm stroke.

So the new Tiger was equipped with 17 rim alloy wheels and the tires chosen by the automaker are for use on asphalt. The crossover also features traction control (which the pilot can choose to turn it off completely) and assisted and slip clutch.

5 – Probable arrival of Tiger Sport 660 to Brazil

Tiger Sport 660

Thus, the new Tiger still doesn’t have a date to land in Brazil

The model was introduced to the world a few hours ago and Triumph has not yet spoken about its availability in Brazil. However, the model should come soon, rocked by the success of the Tiger family – especially the 900, which has already licensed nearly 2,500 motorcycles in 2021.

In this way, still it’s too early to talk about how much the Tiger Sport 660 will cost around here. We only know that it will cost less than the R$64,390 suggested by the entry-level version of the 900. Do you have a price guess?