Until next Thursday, this game will be available on the Epic Games Store for free and permanent redemption ⋆

Next Thursday, October 7th, the epic Games store will renew its free game offers banner and offer the curious PRAÇA building Simulator for all concerned. However, before that, a nice strategy game can still be rescued. So it is! If you like the idea of ​​“playing general”, I suggest you don’t miss the opportunity… let’s check out what is this game?

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Until 12:00 (GMT) on October 7th, the game Europe Universalis IV will be available for free and permanent redemption on the Epic Games Store. That’s right! We are talking about a strategy game that has an excellent level and boasts a good amount of positive reviews. The title was released in 2013, but has aged very well and still ranks among the best options for those players who like the idea of ​​controlling armies as if they were spread out over a large board.

It is worth noting that Europa Universalis IV has great options for multiplayer gaming and deserves to be praised for its deep air of simulation. That is, this is an option that guarantees good hours of fun with friends and immersion, for those who like single-player experiences. Therefore, I suggest that you don’t waste time and add the game to your Epic Games Store library. It costs nothing and you can always have this option “at hand”, to enjoy whenever you want. Remembering that the game will be available until next Thursday, until the PC Building Simulator game arrives to become the new free option on the Epic store.

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