Virginia Fonseca is criticized on the web for the way she holds her daughter Maria Alice, see video

Influencer is being criticized by internet users on the web

Virginia Fonseca/Instagram Playback

It seems, Virginia Fonseca there is no day of peace. This Tuesday (5), the influencer came to be harshly criticized on the web after many internet users pointed out that she is not holding Maria Alice, her daughter, well.

In the comment, the internet user asks Virginia Fonseca to better hold her baby, placing her hand on Maria Alice’s back, while she dances and records her videos for her Instagram.

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Quickly, the comment gained prominence and other internet users shared opinions on the web. Many of them agreed with the Virginia fan and confessed that the influencer should take better care of Maria Alice.

Others, in turn, were amused by the comment and stressed that Virginia Fonseca is criticized for everything she does: “poor girl, she can’t live in peace”, fired one of them, claiming that Virginia receives a lot of criticism on the web.

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Check out the post made below, as well as the comment made about Virginia Fonseca and Maria Alice.

Viriginia Fonseca laments her father’s death on Instagram

Recently, Viriginia Fonseca used her social networks to mourn her father’s death on Instagram. The post moved the web and also received many comments of love and support.

“Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, you’ll be forever present in my heart! My record hasn’t fallen yet that I’ll never talk to you again, I’ll never play with you again, I’ll never kiss you, hug you and run away tell you all the wonderful things that’s been happening in my life, but I know you’re there from above taking care of everything, thank you for our 22 years together,” wrote Virginia in her post.

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