‘We are breaking records, winning for me is what matters most,’ says Gabriel Jesus

Despite the good results in the South American Qualifiers, coach Tite has been facing questions in the Brazilian team, with many asking for his departure. At a press conference this Tuesday (5th), forward Gabriel Jesus came to the coach’s defense.

Absent from the last call for the ban on English clubs to players from countries on the “red list” of the United Kingdom, the Manchester City striker mentioned that, despite not being charming, the Brazilian team led by Tite is achieving good results and breaking records.

“It’s not easy to command a team like Brazil, neither to convene nor to command. As an athlete, it’s not easy in the matter of collection either, there will be, you’re playing for the greatest champion in the world. Speaking of me, it’s up to me to do the better, as is the coach too, focus on the next game. Sometimes you play very well and end up not winning, you are charged equally, sometimes you don’t play so well and win. Playing well and winning is very good, but sometimes not happens that way”.

Winning for me is what matters most, the team has been breaking records, you can’t compare with the teams that were world champions, but we are on the right path. We want to put on a show, but sometimes we can’t, because it’s the real world and winning is what matters.”

Currently, Brazil is the isolated leader of the South American Qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar. In eight matches played, Tite’s team won them all, adding 100% success.

The team’s next duel will be this Thursday (7th), against Venezuela, away from home. On this FIFA Date, the team returns to the field twice more, to face Colombia, on the 10th, and Uruguay, on the 14th.