Who is Alligator from The Masked Singer? Daughter of samba icon deceives judges

Jacaré, or better yet, Jacaré managed to tie a knot in the minds of The Masked Singer Brasil judges. The masked singer deceived everyone over the weeks with her hoarse voice and “toddler” look on stage in Ivete Sangalo’s reality show. Owner of a strong voice, Mart’nália went far in the competition and caused a stir in the weeks she stepped on stage.

To prove that it is the daughter of Martinho da Vila behind the costume, the column separated some clues that were given by Jacaré throughout the season:

1. “The only thing that turns me off is hot drink,” said Jacaré on his debut on The Masked Singer. And this same phrase has been repeated countless times by Mart’nália in his interviews.

2. “I like riding a bike a lot,” said the character. Although she has a car and a motorcycle, she always chooses to get around Rio by bicycle.

3. The character’s complete sentence on the reality show was: “I like riding a bike a lot, but I’ve also fixed a lot of car out there”. It is worth remembering that Martinho da Vila’s daughter played Tamanco, a transsexual mechanic in the Globo comedy Pé na Cova.

4. Jacaré also revealed that it has been nominated for several musical awards. Interestingly, Mart’nália received five Latin Grammy nominations, and won on two occasions.

5. Another important detail: Jacaré said that one of its most striking features is its smile. Is there any doubt that it’s Mart’nália behind the fantasy?