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Athletes’ facial expressions in eFootball 2022 look strange — Photo: Reproduction/Snowdude, SteamCommunity

One of the most curious bugs is athletes who simply disappear on the screen, whether in non-interactive scenes, replays or even during gameplay, sometimes with their clothes still visible as in the case of the image below.

It is a little more difficult to detect the error during matches, but there are cases of players who have captured invisible athletes on video, whose presence can only be confirmed by carrying the ball and a marker indicating that someone is selected. It’s still unclear what causes the error, and it’s harder to happen.

One of the funniest bugs in eFootball 2022 is that it makes players invisible on some occasions — Photo: Playback/Bronxxe, SteamCommunity

This bug was one of the most publicized since the game’s release. Occasionally match judges sink into the grass, but they don’t just stand still as they appear. They move across the field, not changing position, and other players still step over it as if there’s nothing on the ground.

In the judge’s bug in eFootball 2022, he doesn’t just sit on the ground, but moves and even gets trampled by other players — Photo: Playback/AvtomattFBI, SteamCommunity

The Motion Matching system that promised to make eFootball 2022 animations more natural and realistic seems to have presented two big problems that are very frequent in the game. When a character touches another, instead of his body deforming or receiving friction in a natural way, his limbs bend and stretch in bizarre ways. The second problem is that physics is sometimes nullified as well, and limbs such as characters’ arms and legs cut across other players’ models.

eFootball 2022 players with limbs crossing opponents are some of the biggest problems in the game — Photo: Playback/JDLJ, SteamCommunity

Something similar to the problem of body animations seems to happen with the players’ faces, which has generated very strange expressions in the main athletes of the game. Cheeks and lips seem to move in exaggerated ways, so that mouths sometimes look open for a dentist appointment, sometimes show scary smiles.

The faces of eFootball 2022 can take on bizarre expressions and have been one of the main bugs players point out — Photo: Play/Snowdude, PhuongRM, soulee, Wee_Zee, SteamCommunity

PlayStation One cheering

The graphics of eFootball 2022 received a lot of criticism from players, but one of the funniest complaints made by users is that the audience in the stands “looks like PlayStation One”, in the words of some posts. The models really bring very little detail, have weird textures, repeat and cut through each other in a way that doesn’t feel at all natural.

The fans of eFootball 2022 brings really ugly characters that refer to previous generations of video games — Photo: Reproduction/SteamCommunity

There are cases where eFootball bugs completely alter the look of the game, such as loading only basic colors in place of athlete textures or this weird black and white effect captured in the image below. The first problem seems to be just a matter of point loading, but it’s hard to understand what happened to leave the entire field split into black and white.

Some eFootball 2022 visual bugs seem to include texture loading issues and an unexpected black and white effect — Photo: Playback/만디 보라, davidan, SteamCommunity

This issue appears to be an evolution of the physics errors caused by player animation. In some extreme cases it appears that contact can completely separate an athlete’s upper and lower part. Technically, they are always connected, even if they don’t look like it, and generally the separation isn’t as complete visually as in this image.

In some extreme cases of eFooball 2022 athletes may have separate body parts — Photo: Reproduction/FHarbor, SteamCommunity

Another bug that is not so frequent, but the cause is also unknown is that of players running towards the goal and getting stuck in it. The strangest thing is that the error seems to happen when athletes should run in the opposite direction to return to the game, but for some reason they enter the opponent’s goal and get stuck in the net.

For some reason in eFootball 2022 players can run in the wrong direction and get stuck in the goal — Photo: Playback/Aethera, SteamCommunity

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