After a frightening expulsion, Bota beats CRB and takes the vice-leadership of Serie B – 10/08/2021

Botafogo recovered from the defeat in the previous round against Avaí, at home, beat CRB by 2-0, tonight (8) — with goals from Marco Antônio and Carlinhos —, and assumed the vice-leadership of Serie B , being in a more comfortable situation in the fight for access to the elite of Brasileirão. The team from Alagoas, in turn, lost the opportunity to enter the G4 in this “six-point game” and can still see Vasco getting closer if Cruz-Maltino beat Sampaio Corrêa tomorrow (9).

In addition to the goals, one of the moves that caught the attention was the expulsion of defender Caetano, who, recklessly, raised his leg too high and hit the sole of his boot in the face of forward Rafael Navarro. The player from the Rio team ended up suffering a cut on his face, but he returned to the match.

Now, CRB and Goiás have the same 48 points in the table, but the team from Maceió (AL) is behind in the tiebreaker criteria. Avaí is in third, with 50 points, and the isolated leader is Coritiba, with 54.

In the next round, Botafogo will face Cruzeiro, on Tuesday (12), in Belo Horizonte (MG), and CRB will receive Guarani, at home, on Friday (15).

Botafogo plays with one more since the 1st half

When both teams had 11 on the field, the game was quite balanced. However, after the expulsion of defender Caetano, from CRB, at 32 minutes of the first half, Botafogo started to have ample control of the match and the team from Alagoas did not have the strength to balance the duel.

Alvinegro lost some good opportunities throughout the game, and the CRB was unable to implement their counterattacks or be effective in aerial balls.

Navarre warrior

Although he didn’t score his goal, Rafael Navarro was highlighted for his fight on the field, both in attack and defense, creating spaces and dueling with the defenders. Not even the strong entry of defender Caetano, who hurt his face, intimidated him.

reckless caetano

The CRB defender was very reckless in the play where he was sent off, when losing time on the ball, he hit Navarro in the face dangerously when he raised his foot too high, leading Botafogo forward to bleeding in the face. The defender’s expulsion in the first half harmed the team from Alagoas, which until then had been playing a disputed match.

Assisted by Chay and goal by Botafogo

With one more on the field, Botafogo knew how to explore the spaces and, at 44, Chay received it from the right, made a good cross, which crossed the area and found Marco Antônio. He dominated the chest and kicked between the crossbar and goalkeeper Diogo Silva, opening the scoring for Alvinegro.

Carlinhos closes the coffin on additions

At 48 of the second half, Werley started on the counterattack and played for Diego Gonçalves, who crossed the ball, the ball traveled through the area and fell to Carlinhos. The lateral had intelligence and placed it in Diogo Silva’s corner to close the coffin for Botafogo.

That last stream from Botafogo

CRB heating


29th round of the Brazilian Series B
Local: Nilton Santos, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Hour: 7:00 pm (Brasilia time)
Referee: Antonio Dib Moraes de Sousa (PI)
Assistants: Rogério de Oliveira Braga (PI) and Mauro Cezar Evangelista de Sousa (PI)
VAR: Bráulio da Silva Machado (FIFA – SC)
Yellow cards: Diego Torres, Erik, Roberto (CRB)
Red card: Caetano (CRB)
Goals: Marco Antônio, 44 ​​minutes into the first half (BOT); Carlinhos, 48 ​​minutes into the second half (BOT)

BOTAFOGO: Douglas Borges; Jonathan (Daniel Borges), Carli, Kanu and Jonathan Silva (Carlinhos); Luís Oyama, Barreto, Marco Antônio (Diego Gonçalves), Chay (Luiz Henrique) and Warley; Rafael Navarro (Rafael Moura). Technician: Enderson Moreira

CRB: Diogo Silva; Reginaldo, Gum, Caetano, Guilherme Romão; Claudinei, Jean Patrick (Wesley); Jajá (Erik), Diego Torres (Calyson), Alisson Farias (Roberto); Nicolas Careca (Junior Brandão). Technician: Allan Aal