Bahia News / Sports / EC Bahia / ‘There’s no way to say no to Bahia’, says Guto Ferreira in a presentation

'There is no way to say no to Bahia', declares Guto Ferreira in a presentation

Photo: Felipe Oliveira / Disclosure /EC Bahia

“I only came because I believe in it.”

It was in this way that Guto Ferreira made his first statement about his confidence in the permanence of Bahia in the Serie A of the Brazilian Championship. In his press conference returning to the club this Friday (8), the commander highlighted the identification and said he could not deny an invitation from Tricolor.

“We, whenever we’ve been here, obtained important results. We’ve always identified with the club, the staff and Bahia is giant. There’s no way to say no to Bahia,” he said.

Guto arrives with a short contract, valid until the end of the year. He revealed that this bonding model was his request.

“It was my request because, at other clubs, at this same moment, it turns out that in the end there is that commitment and sometimes people are not happy. At the end of two months, we see who is happy and who is not. The most important thing is just think about this moment and focus for the work to be a winner,” he explained.

Aware of the crowd’s scolding with the stage of the team, which is in 18th place, the coach asked for unity and support at this time, citing the game against Palmeiras next Tuesday (12). The match can be scored by the fans’ return to the Arena Fonte Nova.

“We need the unity of the nation. From the game against Palmeiras, we can already count on our fans. We need the fans to go, regardless of how the team is playing, to play together because the incentive will make the our team is recovered and intimidates the opponent. It’s time for everyone to come together to think about maintenance and bigger things,” he said.

According to him, the defense problem will go through a structuring and organization work. It is worth remembering that the Esquadrão de Aço has already conceded 38 goals in the national competition.

“First, structure. We’ve been working and we’ve already started to beat them, organize in the best way possible, repeat a lot and pass on confidence. The defensive system and not the defense, that’s what’s important. The system encompasses eleven players and not three, four, five,” he said.

Bahia will take the field this Saturday (9), at 7pm, to face Athletico Paranaense at Arena da Baixada.