biguzera had best career map in ranking from paiN for Stockholm Major | DRAFT5

Second best player in Brazil in 2019 by DRAFT5, Rodrigo “bigzera” Bittencourt had a Thursday (7) of dreams. In addition to celebrating the ranking of paiN Gaming to PGL Stockholm Major 2021, reached the best career map in Nuke won against ATK by the group stage of the IEM Fall North America.

The statistics collected by, show that biguzera reached a rating of 2.40, K/D diff of +20 due to 24 kills and 4 kills, ADR of 139.3, impact of 2.47 and KAST of 88.9%.

This is not the first time in the season that biguzera has finished a map with a rating higher than 2. The last time this happened was in late January, when paiN won against rebirth, also on Nuke, in the 2-0 of the Brazilians against the Americans in a duel valid for DreamHack Open played that month. At the time, rating hit 2.13 in the match and 1.63 in MD3.

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paiN managed to qualify for the Major for having secured themselves among the top four teams in the IEM Fall’s American division. As it will finish at least in the Top 4, the team will receive at least 2031, which lifted the Brazilian quintet to third place in the Regional Major Ranking (RMR) of the region. biguzera and his teammates will now follow in the tournament not only chasing the title, but also the biggest share of the $50,000 in prize money – follow the rest of the tournament on DRAFT5.

The team is one of four Brazilians who qualified for the PGL Stockholm Major 2021. In Sweden, paiN will be joined by Sharks, GODSENT, FURY, besides Gabriel “Fallen“Toledo da Team Liquid. It will be the largest delegation in the country in the history of tournaments supported by Valve since they were created in 2013.