Bolsonaro says it will not freeze fuel prices in the penda – 10/08/2021 – Market

President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) said on Friday (8) that he will not freeze fuel prices, one of the main factors that pressure inflation, and that he has no power over Petrobras. The state-owned company announced this Friday a 7.2% readjustment in the price of gasoline and cooking gas.

“In Brazil they demand an increase in the price of groceries, fuel, nobody does it because they want to. I don’t have power over Petrobras. I’m not going to freeze the price of fuel, many want it. We’ve already had a freezing experience in the past.” , he stated during a speech at the 1st Brazilian Fair of Nióbio, in Campinas (SP)​.

The IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics) announced this Friday that the IPCA (official inflation of the country) reached 1.16% in September, the highest increase for the month since the Real Plan. With the strong rise, the indicator broke the double-digit symbolic barrier in the 12-month accumulated. In this range, the high reached 10.25%.

Regarding the recent rise in prices, Bolsonaro stated that “no one does that [aumenta os valores] because wants”.

The president once again said that there may soon be a shortage in the country due to a lack of fertilizers, a statement already made during an event at the Palácio do Planalto on Thursday (7).

He also repeated that Brazil is one of the countries whose economy suffered the least during the pandemic and said that he was “rejected from having a combat plan, as this power was given to governors and mayors”.

Bolsonaro even attacked Covid’s CPI, which he called a “circus”. This week, the commission’s rapporteur, Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL) said that the president “should be indicted by the commission.”

The president was accompanied this Friday by ministers Marcos Pontes (Science, Technology and Innovation), Milton Ribeiro (Education), Braga Neto (Defense) and Luiz Eduardo Ramos (General Secretary of the Presidency), as well as allies such as deputies Carla Zambelli ( PSL-SP) and Hélio Negão (PSL-RJ). The entourage toured the complex, which included a visit to the Sirius particle accelerator.

Bolsonaro left the event without speaking to the press.

In response to the protester, Bolsonaro asks if women know ‘the square root of four’

Moments before starting his speech, Bolsonaro was the target of a protest. Just as he was about to start talking, two women stood up and began to criticize him, citing recent topics such as his veto of the free distribution of tampons. They ended their intervention with shouts of “Out, Bolsonaro”, and were booed by those present before leaving the event, accompanied by a security guard.

The president mocked the scene as the protesters left. “We are not going to lower ourselves to their level. I’ll leave here immediately if she answers me what seven times eight is. What is the square root of four?”

Soon after, he began his speech saying that he always liked to study and that he still knew the periodic table by heart. “How I wanted the people who screamed to like that too. They are pitiable, but we have to fight for them too”, said the president, referring again to the protest.

Bolsonaro spoke about niobium and recalled that he has been an advocate of using the material for years. “We see a niobium battery and feel better. It fills me with pride. It’s an injection of spirit.”

Niobium is an alloying element that can transform the properties of other materials, such as steel, making it more malleable and resistant. The mineral is used in different areas – from the production of magnetic resonance devices to civil construction.

Volkswagen recently announced a partnership with CBMM, a company headquartered in Araxá (MG) and world leader in the production of the material, to use niobium in the battery of its electric buses. The big advantage would be a drastic reduction in recharge time—from four hours to six minutes.

This Friday, there was also the announcement of partnerships between CBMM and the National Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM) for the development of technologies in superconductors.

​In addition to the niobium fair, the inauguration of five light lines (research stations) of the Sirius particle accelerator and the inauguration of the Ilum science school took place at the same time in the same complex.