“Bothered to move,” says Jaime of DEM and PSL merger

Senator Jayme Campos (DEM) stated that the Peeselists from Mato Grosso “annoyed” with the creation of the União Brasil party, which was born from the merger of the PSL with the DEM, can “change” to another acronym.

The creation of the “superparty” was approved by the leaders of the two parties in Brasília, at a convention on Wednesday (6). The merger still needs to be approved by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE).

“This is normal [debandada]. Let’s be honest: the annoyed to move. The merger has already been approved, it must be approved by the TSE in the next few days and the citizen who is not happy, satisfied, will have to hunt for his space. I think that’s cool. That’s democracy. He has this right”, he said.

The citizen who is not happy, satisfied, will have to hunt for their space

The main dissatisfaction of the Peeselistas with the merger is in relation to the support for President Jair Bolsonaro, which is practically unfeasible, since the new acronym intends to launch a name as a third way to the Federal Government.

For Jayme, this dissatisfaction is “hasty”.

“Nobody knows the direction the party will take. Elections will take place in October next year. Are rushing. They are drowning in a glass of water. You have to be patient to see how the referral will actually be”, he said.

state president

The senator argued that the state president of the new acronym in Mato Grosso needs to be someone who has sympathy with part of the PSL and part of the DEM.

“Particularly I have no preference for anyone. I want a president who does work aimed at the growth of the party in the state so that we can elect a good state and federal caucus”, he said.

Brazil Union

After the creation of the “superparty”, an instituting commission will be formed, which will send the merger process to the Superior Electoral Court.

The expectation is that the party will be made official by the courts by February and will already have a number in the polls in next year’s elections.

União Brasil was born with 81 federal deputies and will become the largest bench in the Federal Chamber, displacing the PT that, since 2010, has held the post.

In Mato Grosso, the scenario will be repeated and the new acronym will also have the largest bench, with six parliamentarians: four from the PSL and two from the DEM.

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