Bruna Marquezine gets emotional and bursts into tears when visiting a studio in Paris

Thrilled! Bruna Marquezine she couldn’t hold back her tears when she visited a studio in Paris, France. The actress, who took a few days to enjoy the city of light during Fashion Week, was moved when she spoke with Schiaparelli’s creative director, Daniel Rosberry, and then, when she saw the pieces exhibited at the studio.

“I love art. I love its power to touch people’s souls. I love the way it nourishes me. I love artists, I love being one. I love meeting talented, creative and passionate people”, said the actress in Stories on her Instagram, in the early hours of this Friday, October 8th.

“I love being able to work with people I deeply admire. And I love learning from them. I love what I do and it’s a privilege and a blessing to be able to call this work”, concluded the artist.

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Bruna Marquezine does not hide how delighted she is with her trip to Paris, France. The actress became one of the great Brazilian details in the Fashion Week in the city of light and has been enchanting social networks with the registration of the special tour.

Recently, the brunette was in the front row of the fashion show by the Givenchy brand. Delighted, Bruna commented on how she felt attending the event and did not spare praise for the attraction.

“It was so much more than a show; it was an immersive and sensory experience. The location, the soundtrack and the atmosphere he created to present the collection were extremely daring”, shared the artist.

In an interview with the American Vogue magazine, Bruna also commented on how her trip is going. Despite being used to the rhythm of the fashion week, the actress arrived a little earlier to enjoy the city, which she has already made very clear that she is in love with. Not only that, the young woman confessed that this is her first international trip since the beginning of the pandemic. That’s why she guaranteed that she is enjoying every moment even more.

“In the last fashion week I attended, I promised myself that next time I would have a more flexible schedule to enjoy the city. After two years with a pandemic, I am very happy to finally meet old friends, make new ones and rediscover Paris”, he concluded.

Find out how much is Bruna Marquezine’s luxury hotel in Paris
Bruna Marquezine shines in Paris and avoids meeting Neymar
Bruna Marquezine bets on transparency in Paris and draws praise

To enjoy the fashion show by the Givenchy brand, Bruna bet on a transparent look and tore off sighs on social networks. According to the brand’s social website, the entire outfit was around 4,835 euros (about 30,222 reais).


Bruna Marquezine has been drawing breath with the dazzling clicks of her trip to Paris, France. The actress is attending the Fashion Week of the city of light, which runs until this Tuesday (5), and is making waves with the beautiful looks on social networks.

Recently, Bruna attended the Ludovic de Saint Sernin fashion show and bet on a transparent shirt, a plaid skirt and a strappy sandal all over the leg.

“Congratulations Ludovic de Saint Sernin! What a wonderful show! His art is proof that clothes are genderless. I want every piece in this collection”, Bruna melted, sharing, in addition to her photos, part of the fashion show she watched.

Wasting no time, friends and followers melted for the actress, who lavished beauty and elegance, and the comments filled with praise: “Wow! How dazzling!” commented a follower; “Perfect!” said another; “Very goddess,” praised Celina Locks.


Bruna Marquezine is enjoying a few days in Paris, France, to honor Fashion Week, and has been sharing a series of special records with her followers on social networks.

This Sunday morning (3), Bruna showed a breakfast at Le Meurice, a 5-star hotel in the center of the French capital that has rooms with rates ranging from R$4970 to almost R$30,000 reais.
According to prices informed on the hotel’s website, the single room costs around 800 euros (on average, R$4977 reais).

The so-called “classic room” features an “intimate classic French style, a view of the courtyard or the “rue du Mont Thabor” and a luxurious Italian marble bathroom with deep bathtub and separate shower”.
The most expensive room, called “Suite Prestige” ranges from 4,600 euros (R$28618.58) to 4,780 euros (R$29738.43). The most expensive option includes a panoramic view, spa, breakfast for two, entertainment area and two entrances.

“Parisian mornings are the best”, wrote Bruna in the publication containing photos of the luxurious breakfast. The actress also showed, in Stories, the view of the famous Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower, postcards of Paris.


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