Censored! Husband prohibits Andressa Urach from giving interviews | Fabia Oliveira

Andressa Urach and Thiago LopesPlay / Instagram

Posted 09/10/2021 09:40 | Updated 10/09/2021 10:26 am

And the saga of the reconciliation of Andressa Urach with businessman Thiago Lopes, from whom she is expecting a child, has just gained a new chapter. After the troubled separation, which lasted only three days and had police at the door of a brothel to prevent Andressa from presenting herself pregnant, the couple made up and have since shown that the relationship is going very well, thank you. Andressa has even shown that her husband – the same one she accused of having cut off her health insurance after it ended – has taken care of her and the baby, who will be named Leon.

Now, Thiago Lopes, who vehemently denied he was abusive to Andressa, has banned the model from talking to the media. In a notice shared on Instagram, he says that it’s no use sending any kind of question, which she won’t answer. “Andressa Urach will not give interviews, participate in TV or radio programs or participate in podcasts. Do not insist by asking her questions via Instagram or WhatsApp,” he wrote.

Is it censorship calling?