Check the list of the 600 first drawn for Brazil x Uruguay in Manaus

The first day of draws of the “Premium Vaccine” campaign has already released the names of the first 600 ticket winners for the match between Brazil and Uruguay, at Arena da Amazônia. Until next Tuesday (12), 3,000 tickets will be raffled for the game, which takes place at Arena da Amazônia, on Thursday (14/10). Check the list below or at

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There will be three draws per day, including Saturday and Sunday (09 and 10), always at 10:00 am, 2:00 pm and 6:00 pm, with 200 drawn at each time.

Those who are registered, but have not won in a given draw, continue to compete in the next draws. Those who have already been drawn will no longer participate in other drawings. The process uses the same drawing system as the Amazonense Invoice, carried out since 2015 without any dispute.

The match between Brazil and Uruguay is valid for the FIFA Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers and will count with the presence of 14 thousand fans. It will be the first game of the national team with the presence of the public since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. The 3,000 tickets drawn are a counterpart of the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) to the State, at no cost to the Government of Amazonas.

How to compete – You must live in Amazonas and have the immunization cycle against Covid-19 regularized with two doses or a single dose. People who received the second dose less than 15 days before the game, that is, from September 29, will undergo screening with RT-PCR (72 hours before the game) or antigen (48 hours) before).

The interested party must fill in a registration informing name, telephone, address, RG and CPF number. One ticket will be drawn by CPF. Only the person drawn will be able to watch the match and cannot transfer or resell the ticket, as it will be linked to the CPF. The data informed in the registration will be cross-referenced with the information from the Connect SUS, from the Ministry of Health, to confirm the application of the two doses or the single dose.

The test for those who took the booster dose less than 15 days before departure is part of the sanitary protocols defined by the Government of Amazonas and CBF. Only people whose tests are negative for the disease will have access to the stage.


The winners must continue to follow the official social networks and the Vacina Premiada campaign website where, soon, information will be published about the place of collection of tickets and dates and times for the tests (antigen or RT-PCR) for those who took the second dose of immunizers after September 29th.