Clubs are considering joining the STJD and Sport may lose 17 points in the Brasileirão

Sport could suffer a heavy blow in the Brasileirão of Serie A. Due to possible irregular line-ups of defender Pedro Henrique, Leão da Ilha lives the expectation of losing 17 points in the leaderboard, depending on the judgment against the situation of the athlete.

“We became aware of this information. As soon as we contacted our specialist lawyers in Rio de Janeiro to find out, because there is a conflict of rules in the general and specific regulations. There is a great discussion about the penalty. There is jurisprudence on the issue of points, but also about a fine,” club president Leonardo Lopes said at a press conference.

According to information from TNT Sports, some Serie A clubs move backstage and are considering entering the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD) in the coming days to speed up the possible punishment of the northeastern team.

Among the teams would be Grêmio, Atlético-GO and Santos, who fight at the bottom of the table. However, there is still no official position on what happened. An outcome is to be announced shortly after the trial.

If the punishment is carried out, in fact, Sport would lose 17 of the 23 points it has conquered so far and would occupy the bottom of the championship, with only six points, behind Chapecoense. The loss of points would practically attest to the relegation of the Pernambuco club to Serie B next season.

understand the case

The 21-year-old defender was loaned from Internacional to Sport in August this year and signed up for Brasileirão. According to the championship rule, a player who played in seven matches for another association is considered irregular to enter the field again for another club in the same event.

However, Pedro Henrique’s situation is a bit peculiar. He played for five games for Colorado in the Brasileirão and was booked on the bench for two opportunities. In this way, according to article 43 of the General Regulations for Competitions, the player officially participated in seven matches.

Article 214 of the Brazilian Code of Sports Justice (CBJD) says that a team that illegally uses an athlete for a match may suffer punishment for the loss of points earned in the match, in addition to three more points. In addition, you can still add a fine of R$100 to R$100,000 per game.

For Sport, Pedro Henrique participated in four matches and was on the bench in another one. Thus, Leão da Ilha would lose three points for each game he was listed, totaling 15 points, in addition to the two points added in duels (in draws against Athletico-PR and Chapecoense), totaling 17 points.