CVC (CVCB3):”no deadline to normalize system after hacker attack”

CVC Agency. Photo: Reproduction Facebook

THE CVC (CVCB3) reiterated this Friday (08), that some of its systems remain inoperative, adversely affecting its operations. The tourism company also added that there is no deadline for normalizing the situation.

Since Saturday, the 2nd, when he suffered a hacker attack in its technology environment, the company is struggling. “Some systems relevant to the company’s operations have not yet been fully reestablished and there is no estimate of the time needed for the technology environment to be completely normalized”, says the company in a material fact.

According to CVC, a team formed by advisors specialized in technology and information security has been working diligently to mitigate the effects caused.

All efforts, he says, have been expended for the solution, being the CVC Corp committed to ascertaining the extent of the incident, limiting the damage caused and restoring the full functioning of the technology environment.

Stock market damages

CVC joins a growing group of Brazilian companies that are victims of cyber crimes. In August, Lojas Renner (LREN3) suffered a cyber attack that managed to jeopardize the company’s online operations for four days.

In the case of Renner, the hacker responsible for the attack would have chosen the modality known as ransomware, when data is “kidnapped” and an amount is charged to retrieve the information.

Other companies such as JBS (JBS3), Fleury (FLRY3) and Cyrela (CYRE3) have also suffered cyber attacks similar.

On Monday, the first business day after the incident was announced, the CVC shares tumbled 7.04% on the Ibovespa, worth R$21.51 at the end of the trading session.

In the week, until the closing of operations yesterday (07), the tourism company it already accumulates 14.35% of losses, going from the amount of R$ 23.14, registered on Friday (01), to R$ 19.82 on Thursday.

CVC’s latest quote

Today the CVC quotation is up on the stock market, rising 2.07% at 10:45 this morning. At CVCB3 shares were traded at R$20.25 at the same time.

In 12 months, the papers of CVC accumulate 35.53% high, worth R$ 29.13 at the maximum and R$ 11.27 at the minimum.

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