D2 Pfizer Vaccination: Parque da Uva centralizes applications

D2 Pfizer Vaccination: Parque da Uva centralizes applications

Published on 10/08/2021 at 4:00 pm

Parque da Uva is the decentralized post for the application of the second dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, Pfizer. Until Saturday (9), the place will serve people who have received the first dose until the 14th of August. Since October 13, the application follows the calendar (below) for the care of the group aged 18 or over who has received the first dose of the immunizing agent Pfizer. About 17 thousand people should receive the vaccine against COVID-19 until Saturday (9). In the coming weeks there will be another 13 thousand people for the application of D2 Pfizer. The application is by spontaneous demand, that is, without an appointment, and on foot.

Angélica Gonçalvez is part of the group that hosted Pfizer until August 14th. With the new deadline established for the second dose, the woman wasted no time and went early to receive her dose. “People need to be immunized”, he commented shortly after receiving the application and the receipt with proof of the two doses applied.

Parque da Uva is the headquarters for the application of vaccination of the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine

Doctor Aderbal Tadeu Mariotti went on Thursday morning (7) to Parque da Uva to receive the additional dose of vaccine as a health professional. “This disease, COVID-19, is unpredictable. Everyone should take the necessary doses for immunization”, commented the professional.

For the Buildings student Bruna Demarchi Azevedo, anticipation is essential for the safety of her return to school. safety”.

“It’s a feeling of happiness, in addition to having the security to exercise my profession, of course, I’m a dentist and receiving the booster dose makes me feel happy and satisfied,” says local citizen Camila Brunherotto Ferrarezi.


With the new deadline for the application of the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine established by the Ministry of Health (MS), lowering from 12 weeks to 8 weeks, people must pay attention to the calendar so as not to miss the deadline for application. In addition to the group that ends next Saturday (9), the application from the 13th, follows the schedule below, with service from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

more doses

Last Wednesday (6), the team from the Health Promotion Management Unit (UGPS) removed the 65th grade of vaccine against COVID-19 made available to the city, with 13,184 doses between Astrazeneca and Pfizer for application in second dose for various audiences.

“Users should be aware of application dates. People who received Pfizer, instead of waiting for the date of the second dose that is described on the vaccination card, will have the application made within eight weeks, according to the published schedule. Those who received Astrazeneca should keep the deadline, time and place already indicated on the vaccination card”, comments Maria do Carmo Possidente, nurse and coordinator of the Epidemiological Surveillance (VE), of the Health Promotion Management Unit (UGPS).

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