deadline for Geromel, possible team changes and Elias training in the main group

The fracture in the proximal phalanx of the 5th toe of the right foot is still not completely healed and Pedro Geromel will undergo a new exam next week to assess the stage of his recovery. If the images show evolution, he will leave for physical work before returning to the group.

On September 13, Grêmio released an official statement confirming the defender’s injury and gave a month for his return – this period will be completed exactly in the middle of next week.

Team may have changes to catch Santos

After tying 2×2 against Cuiabá on Wednesday, at the Arena, Grêmio can prepare their team with some changes to face Santos, on Sunday, at 4 pm, in Vila Belmiro. One of the doubts is in the attacking sector, where Diego Souza is not in his best physical shape and Churín, who has returned to acting, runs out of the fight.

Brenno and Kannemann, who returned to starting midweek, tend to remain in the team. Campaz and Ferreira seem to continue fighting for the same spot. A possible Grêmio team has:

Brenno (Chapecó); Vanderson, Ruan, Kannemann (Rodrigues) and Rafinha; Thiago Santos and Lucas Silva; Douglas Costa, Campaz (Ferreira) and Alisson; Diego Souza (Churín).

Elias trains on the top team

The training sessions held on Thursday and Friday at Grêmio were attended by the young center forward Elias, aged 19, who is the highlight of the transition team at Brasileirão de Aspirantes. With Borja’s injury, the player is completing training and is also being watched by Felipão.

It is not yet decided whether or not he will go with the group to Santos. If related, Elias will be absent from the semifinal match of the Brasileirão de Aspirantes on Sunday, against Avaí – in the first leg, Grêmio won 2-1.

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