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Director of the Philippe Pinel Municipal Institute accuses councilor of 'invasion'

The direction of the Philippe Pinel municipal Institute did not like the, let’s say, unexpected visit, last Wednesday, by councilor Gabriel Monteiro and his entourage dressed in black and camouflaged. institute has just released a repudiation note, read below:

“We from the IMPP Board forwarded this note to all professionals at the Hospital, vehemently repudiating the violence suffered within the unit this week.

On 10/06/2021, around 2 pm, a kind of entourage of councilor Gabriel Monteiro entered the IMPP, about 7 men, dressed in black and others in camouflage clothes and carrying cameras recording servers in exercise of their functions. It should be noted that the councilor himself was carrying a pistol in his waistband, hidden under his clothes.

These men introduced themselves as public officials claiming to be “working”. However, what was seen was a real intimidation and embarrassment of servers in exercise of their functions, by the use of force and total disrespect, in addition to our images being improperly recorded and posted on social networks. Such networks, it is important to emphasize, that have been used to promote hatred for those who work tirelessly in the midst of a pandemic to serve the population of Rio de Janeiro with all due respect to human beings and citizenship.
Not enough, this entourage was also in the wards recording patients suffering from mental disorders and in crisis, without the slightest regard for ethics.

This is just a brief account of the horror we experienced this past Wednesday. Nevertheless, the words above need to be said and forwarded to our teams, so that this nonsense does not remain silent.

This management team has its guidelines based on ethical values ​​and full respect for everyone who works, or who seeks assistance in our unit.
Our commitment will always be with the population served and with the employees of this Institute. We are a powerful, strong and resilient team. We are a teaching institution, where the values ​​transmitted perpetuate the work in the Mental Health Network.

This Board, formed essentially by women, will always be attentive and willing to represent this very careful work carried out by our teams.
We are with Chico Buarque, “tomorrow will be another day”! Fight day! Spring will come!”