Eliminated from A Fazenda 13, Erika opens the game about affair with Erasmo · TV News

After being eliminated from A Fazenda 2021, Erika Schneider opened up about her affair with Erasmo Viana. This Friday (8), the former dancer of Faustão said that she had a brief involvement with the fitness influencer while she was separated from an old boyfriend. “It was a hook up,” she admitted.

“I dated for four years, my relationship was over and I met Erasmo through Instagram, we trained at the same gym. In the meantime, I went back with my ex and disappeared, I stopped answering. After a while, I broke up, and I kept seeing the Erasmus at the gym. He kept talking to me, but there was nothing,” highlighted Erika on the Eliminated Live.

During the chat with Lucas Selfie and Lidi Lisboa, the dancer assured that the flirtation with Viana lasted a few weeks. “I followed my life, we saw each other at the gym. We ended up meeting and staying again and, in the meantime, we were invited to A Fazenda”, she added.

Erika admitted that she texted Gabriela Pugliesi’s ex-husband before the confinement, after the artists’ names circulated on lists as possible participants in the reality show.

Asked by Lidi about what machismo would be in her assessment, Erika said: “It’s very complicated to say this, as I don’t have the property to talk about it. I know what I felt, my feelings. I felt cornered, I didn’t feel heard.” .

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