Ex-fiancée says Lucas Penteado used drugs and reveals an abusive relationship

The ex-fiancee Lucas Penteado, Julia Franhani, revealed that the actor uses drugs and that his conduct in the relationship was abusive. The young woman, who is a makeup artist, gave the statement in an interview with the newspaper Extra, after being accused of treason by the ex-BBB during a live.

Credit: Reproduction Instagram/@lucaskokapenteado and @jufanhariEx-fiancée says Lucas Penteado used drugs and reveals an abusive relationship

Julia said that Lucas Penteado had spent three days drinking a lot of alcohol and abusing cocaine on the day he opened the live, exposing her for the alleged betrayal with the security of the condominium.

“I came down from the apartment to ask for help, so I could call an ambulance, because he was out of his mind. When he saw me with the security guard, he freaked out, already saying that I was cheating on him. Before that, he had searched the whole house in the hallucination that there was someone inside”, said the ex-fiancée, in a statement to the Extra newspaper.

“We left on Wednesday (29) for dinner around 8:30 pm. He started using cocaine around midnight, one in the morning. It only stopped at 8am and started drinking. Drank all Thursday morning (30). And when it was night, he went out again. He returned at dawn more upset than he already was. And he continued using the drug”, added Júlia, who said she doesn’t use drugs.

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Also according to Lucas’s ex-fiancée, the actor had already promoted scandals other times during the 8 months they had been in a relationship. “Has done several. I was desperate, crying, asking him to stop. And, alone, I had nothing to do. And he told me it was no big deal, for me to stop thinking that this was the end of the world. He said he was going to stop and I believed him. He promised me to get better…”, said Julia.

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The engagement between the makeup artist and the ex-BBB lasted four months, but they had known each other since childhood, by relatives and mutual friends. When talking about the relationship, Julia described several common attitudes in abusive relationships. “Our relationship was calm even. But he was very authoritarian, macho, he didn’t let me have friends, wear the clothes I wanted, I couldn’t go out… I lived in Rio de Janeiro with him for three months and I couldn’t even visit the beach. I kept checking my cell phone, always thinking I had something”, said Julia.

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Julia also reported problems with her mother-in-law, Andrea Penteado. “His mother used to mistreat me, saying that I was only there for interest, but no, I never had to ask him for anything, everything I achieved by being with him was working with him. His mother used to attack me, she is super possessive. She thinks I kept talking about her to outsiders,” he said.

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Julia also said she was sad “for not having received even an apology, sad for him not even calling to find out how I am or to clarify everything that happened”.

According to the ex-fiancée, it is out of the question to resume the relationship with the actor. She also revealed that she hired lawyers to deal with the situation, because, in addition to exposure on social networks, Lucas Penteado would be in possession of her personal documents.

“I don’t want him to come to me unless it’s for an apology. And I will forgive you. Just like I forgave the other times. But not back. I’ve been with him this whole time, putting up with a few good ones, swallowing a lot of frogs and now he’s doing it to me. It speaks of revolution and does not practice its own ideologies”, she concluded.

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The actor’s press office denied that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when he performed the live exposing his ex-fiancée. “The actor clarifies that on the day of the events he was not drunk or would have used drugs before going live that night, which can be attested by witnesses.”

In his social networks Lucas Penteado denied that he had ‘stolen’ anything, in what seemed an indirect way for the ex-fiancée who had already complained that he would be with her belongings.