Faustão pockets shocking millionaire salary at Globo and Band; know how much he earns

Faustão in command of Domingão: millionaire salary at Globo and Band (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)
Faustão in command of Domingão: millionaire salary at Globo and Band (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Faustian is without a doubt one of the most prestigious communicators on TV. And this is reflected in the earnings of the presenter, who have millionaire salary. so much in Globe, how much in the Band, he bills high.

At Globo, Fausto Silva was one of the network’s greatest revenues, with Domingão taken over by major brands. In addition, there was a queue for advertisers to have their products displayed on the program.

How much did you earn at Globo?

This resulted in the Faustão’s high salary, who earned around R$ 5 million per month at Globo to host your weekly show on Sunday nights. The earnings were high because of the large number of merchans he performed during the attraction.

Even if it has already left Globo, the presenter is still receiving the million dollar for a few more months. That’s because his contract with the Rio de Janeiro channel would run until December. Therefore, in the dissolution signed with the network, he took the jackpot he would earn in that period.

Salary of Faustão in Band

In Band, Fausto Silva’s fixed gain will be smaller, but still high. He will receive BRL 1 million per month to present a daily primetime program from 8:30 pm to 10:45 pm. But he will have a higher variable billing, according to the merchans he gets.

That’s because, the communicator will take part of what his attraction in Band earns. Thereby, he will earn much more than BRL 1 million monthly in its new channel, from the beginning of 2022, when its link with the São Paulo channel comes into effect.

In other words: even in a station without Globo’s financial size, Faustão will continue to earn one of the highest salaries on Brazilian TV. In this team are also names like Luciano Huck and Rodrigo Faro.

The high earnings of the communicator even going to the Band are explained by its strong appeal in the advertising market. Faustão is a TV brand that attracts big brands willing to invest a lot of money to have him advertise their products.

By the way, this is also one of the reasons the Band invested in it. The station will give up a banner in prime time in which it earns high sales by selling time for the church of missionary RR Soares. It is money that makes a difference in the cash annually.

With Faustão, the station intends to fill the noblest band on TV with a quality product that can combine audience and billing. With the pastors, the Saad family channel has lost almost ten times its audience.

Victor Peccoli

Advertiser graduated from Faculdade Pitágoras and screenwriter from Casa Aguinaldo Silva de Artes. Works in TV and famous journalism since 2013.