‘From the heart there are 380 thousand every year’

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, relativized the 600,000 deaths caused by covid-19 that the country reached today, when asked about what was lacking in the actions of the federal government to prevent Brazil from losing so many lives.

During a press conference, when answering a question asked by a journalist, the minister declared that the coronavirus is an “international health emergency” and that only from diseases related to heart problems, Brazil loses more than 380,000 lives annually.

“Well, first of all, just from heart disease there are more than 380 thousand [mortes] every year. So if we count in the same period, we would also have alarming figures,” said Queiroga. “Cancer also has a high incidence of deaths and covid is an international health emergency that has led to deaths in all parts of the world,” he added.

In addition to relativizing the high rate of deaths caused by the coronavirus, Marcelo Queiroga also attributed part of this responsibility to states and municipalities when he said that fighting the virus is a “task for all of us”. He says the folder is “working to get better results every day, not only with covid, but with other problems.”

Country reached 600 thousand deaths by covid-19

Brazil reached the mark of 600 thousand deaths by covid-19 with almost half of the population fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, amid the resumption of trade and events and in anticipation of a sequence of long holidays.

Today, the daily moving average of deaths is below 500. In April —at the worst moment of the pandemic in the country—, it reached 3,125.

Between January and April this year, the country totaled nearly 210,000 deaths. On June 17, we reached 500,000 — since then, it’s been almost four months and 100,000 lives lost.

Earlier, President Jair Bolsonaro (non-party) said there was “empowerment” and “politicization” in relation to the hundreds of thousands of lives lost.

“Partly our government works out — I won’t say it’s all 100% — despite the pandemic, that there was an increase in the number of deaths. We regret all the deaths, but there was a huge politicization,” said the president.

This is not the first time that Bolsonaro has complained that the pandemic numbers have been exaggerated. In June, for example, the agent even said that the TCU (Court of Accounts of the Union) reported excess numbers of the disease, but the agency itself denied the president and stated that the document cited by the politician was never attached to any system of the TCU.

A study published in May by Vital Strategies, an organization of health researchers, points exactly the opposite of what the president insinuates: the underreporting of covid-19 cases due to lack of tests could be hiding up to 30% of deaths from the disease .

The 600,000 death mark comes at a time when the disease is cooling down thanks to the population’s vaccination, despite fears about the spread of the delta variant, which is considered to be more transmissible.