Galvo Bueno has a drastic cut in his salary and starts to earn much less

The sports narrator Galvo Bueno (photo: Reproduo/TV Globo)

the sports announcer

Galvo Bueno

, considered the main name of the country, suffered a salary cut in the

TV Globo

of about 80%.

The narrator received R$ 5 million monthly from the Rio station before the agreement with the channel.

According to columnist information

Leo Days

, from the newspaper


, now, the professional will receive around R$ 800 thousand.

According to the publication, due to the sudden drop, the station’s attitude would have caused surprise behind the scenes of the

Globe Studios

, since the employee of the house is one of the best known names on Brazilian television.

Also according to the journalist,


would be very dissatisfied with the reduction.



completes 40 years of


in this year. It is worth mentioning that the sports presenter has already participated in the coverage of 10

world Cups

and always remembered for eternalizing moments, such as the narration of the four-time champion of the

Brazilian national team

of football, in


, the penta, in



and the pilot’s victories

Ayrton Senna

, in Formula 1,

Acelino Pop Freitas

, better known as


in boxing and the historic achievement of

Rebecca Andrade

, who won a gold medal in the

Tokyo Olympic Games

, in


, among other unforgettable moments of Brazilian sport.