Globo takes a surprising attitude involving Maju Coutinho and Fantástico

Maju Coutinho
Maju Coutinho should be placed in Fantástico (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

THE Globe decided that he will take advantage of the departure of Thaddeus Schmidt for BBB 2022 and will do a real “chair dance” involving the Fantastic. Maju Coutinho and César Tralli will be affected by the changes that the network will promote.

According to information from UOL, the journalist will leave Jornal Hoje, in which she has been for two years, and will become the presenter of the Sunday. Globo, however, has not yet defined who will share the Sunday with it, as there is a possibility that Poliana Abritta will become an international correspondent.

The vacancy left by Maju Coutinho – who renewed his contract with the station this week – at JH should be taken over by César Tralli, who leaves SP1 free for another journalist. The anchor, it is worth remembering, already presents the newscast eventually and should follow GloboNews.

For the local TV newscast in São Paulo, the channel is considering the name of Marcelo Cosme, who currently runs GloboNews em Pauta. The Rio station has not yet commented on any of these changes, which will begin to take place in the coming months.

As for Tadeu Schmidt, he is already chosen as the one chosen by Globo’s directors for next year’s Big Brother Brasil command. With the journalist in the running, viewers daily express the desire to see Marcos Mion in charge of the attraction.

The presenter is questioned by the company’s management for his enormous success in front of Caldeirão. There is no certainty that he will continue to run the show in 2022 despite its huge commercial and audience appeal.

In a month on the air, Caldeirão with Mion accumulates the undefeated lead and with impressive numbers. In several moments of the real time, the audience minute by minute, the program usually gives more audience than SBT, Record, Band and RedeTV! added together.

It is worth remembering that the presenter is committed to Multishow next year, with the forecast of leading a reality show, O Túnel do Amor, in the first semester, and a variety program, in the second semester.

On the outside, he has a deal with Netflix and will fulfill it with recordings already defined for the coming weeks. The idea is to take on a new reality show in the streaming catalog.

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