‘I don’t like farms’ · TV News

Ana Furtado gave a live indirect to the competition at É de Casa this Saturday (9). “I don’t like farms,” ​​said JB de Oliveira’s wife, Boninho. The speech was a clear reference to the program presented by Adriane Galisteu on Record.

The presenter’s needling came after a participation by Tati Machado in the morning of Globo. The Gshow reporter took an article about famous properties for sale such as mansions, penthouses and a farm by actress Renée Zellweger. The famous rural house has 39,600 square meters, four bedrooms, an infinity pool and is valued at R$ 32.5 million.

But the repercussion of the morning hosts was not for the price or the beauty of the property. What caught the attention was the speech of the wife of the director of Big Brother Brasil.

Manoel Soares soon sang the children’s hit Fazendinha, by Mundo Bita, to endorse Ana’s indirect.

Andre Marques, fearing reprisal, toyed with the situation. “I’m going to tell you something? We have to review this moment of the program, ok? It’s possible that we finish the program and our letter of resignation is on the table there”, said the presenter of No Limite.

Boninho’s wife joined the wave of dismissal after an indirect and reinforced the thesis. “HR is there at the door waiting for us,” he said.

New to TV, Tati Machado feared that it would be left over for her too, as she was largely responsible for the agenda that generated all the controversy live. “Guys, I can’t… I’m not with them. I’m not with them! They have more time on the road, it makes it easier for me, understand?”, he defended himself.

Manoel Soares, in turn, ensured that chaos was created for the presenters. “Leila [Maia], our director, stopped talking. That’s not a good sign,” revealed the Bahian.

Before Ana changed the subject, Andre Marques anticipated the possible end of his career at Globo. “I wanted to say something: it was a pleasure. In case we don’t come back, I love you at home. Thank you. I’ve been here for almost 29 years. As I think it went bad, we’re going to guarantee it, okay?”, zoomed Tiago Leifert’s substitute presenter on The Voice Brasil.