Igor Gomes talks about the dispute between Calleri and Luciano for a penalty: “It looked like they were fighting”

After the 1-1 draw against the saints this Thursday, Igor Gomes spoke about the main moves of the São Paulo in the classic and about the discussion between Luciano and Calleri for the penalty kick, still in the first half.

“It was a very curious move too. I was recovering and it seemed that they were fighting to see who would hit. Luciano and Carelli, we know that they are players who have the nose for goal, who have a very high quality to score. So anyone who hit I was very calm,” analyzed the shirt 26 to SPFCtv.

In addition, the athlete celebrated the return of the fans from São Paulo to Morumbi.

“In the warm-up it was already very good, very cozy, knowing that the fans were there to support. Even when they weren’t there, they were present. But we know that live is another story. We felt very supported on the field”, he said.

The home team improved their football in the second stage and pressured Santos in search of a comeback, which didn’t come. Even so, Igor Gomes was confident in the development of the team, which is currently in 14th place in the Brazilian championship, with 29 points.

“When we talk about a derby, we talk about small details. Maybe in the goal we conceded, we’ve sinned in something, but now we’re going to work hard to correct these small mistakes so that, further on, in these big games, the we can get away with the three points. We know that, at the Brazilian Nationals, it’s constancy. It’s about continuing to add points and that’s it: losing as few points as possible and winning, when you can, always at home in order to reach the goal.” concluded.