Lawyer tried to hide presence of Bolsonaro advisor in statements about ‘digital militia’, says PF report | Policy

Martins was present at the hearings of American businessmen Jason Miller – former advisor to Donald Trump and founder of a “right-wing social network” – and Gerald Brant, a friend of the Bolsonaro family.

When asking for more time to complete the investigations, this Friday (8), the PF reported that Attorney Milena Ramos Camara, who represented the two businessmen, asked the police not to register the presence of Filipe Martins in the hearing room.

According to the report of the Federal Police, Milena Ramos Camara accompanied the statements of the businessmen when Filipe Martins entered the room. Asked if he was also a lawyer for the Americans, Milena “informed that he was her friend and that he was only there to resolve fees issues.”

At the end of the testimonies, the lawyer presented a new version: she said that Filipe Martins was her boyfriend, who was there “just waiting for them to have lunch together” and, therefore, the name would not need to be included in the official record.

The PF, however, decided to find out who the characters were – and confirmed that, in fact, Filipe Martins is an advisor to President Jair Bolsonaro and is dating another woman.

“In research in open sources, it was contacted that Filipe Martins Pereira is the Chief Advisor of the Special Advisory Office for International Affairs of the Special Secretariat for Strategic Affairs of the Presidency of the Republic.”

The PF investigates the relationship of pocket bloggers with the Americans’ Gettr platform. The service is similar to Twitter, but has been used by right-wing groups around the world for promising a “free of moderation” platform. See survey details in the video below:

PF opens inquiry to investigate alleged formation of digital militia to attack democracy

PF opens inquiry to investigate alleged formation of digital militia to attack democracy

The network also started to be used by groups of pocket workers after the decision of the Superior Electoral Court that suspended the transfer of money from social networks to internet channels investigated by fake news about elections.

The PF also registered that, during the deposition, the Americans made contact with Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), son of President Jair Bolsonaro. Gerald Brant would have asked the deputy to send a lawyer, shortly before Filipe Martins arrived at the PF building.

During the investigations, the PF also tried to gather the testimony of writer and ideologist Olavo de Carvalho. He was even summoned to testify, but investigations canceled the warrant due to Carvalho’s state of health.

Along with the request for an extension, the PF also forwarded to the STF the material already collected in the investigations.

The volumes contain, for example, testimonials from bloggers and youtubers who support the Jair Bolsonaro government. The investigation focuses on discovering:

  • if these content producers receive donations,
  • how they monetize the channels and
  • whether or not they were aware of fraud in the TSE system.

PF tells the TSE that pocketnarists replicate Trump and use press attack as a method

PF tells the TSE that pocketnarists replicate Trump and use press attack as a method

In the testimonies, the majority of the Pocket Influencers admitted that they are not aware of any problems in the system. They say they were just issuing personal opinions.

The investigation into the digital militias was authorized by Minister Alexandre de Moraes in early July, after having ordered the shelving of the inquiry that investigated undemocratic acts that took place at the beginning of last year. The filing complied with a request from the Attorney General’s Office.

The PF investigates signs and evidence that point to the existence of a criminal organization that would have acted with the purpose of attacking the democratic rule of law and would be articulated in production, publication, financing and political nuclei. Another suspicion is that this group has been supplied with public funds.

To the STF, the delegate Denisse Dias Rosas Ribeiro, who is in charge of the investigation in the inquiry into the organization of digital militias, asked the Minister Alexandre de Moraes, of the Federal Supreme Court, for more time to continue the investigation.

“Considering the expiration of the period of permanence of the investigation in the police headquarters, as well as the need to continue the investigations, I determine: follow the records to the scrutiny of the Minister Rapporteur, for knowledge and granting of a new period to continue the investigation” , said the delegate in a document sent to the Court today.