Lázaro Ramos reveals that he is working on something related to the BTS; statement goes viral

RIO — The name of Lázaro Ramos entered the current affairs of Twitter Brazil this Friday by a statement given in Stories on Instagram about the BTS. The actor was answering questions sent by followers when he answered one of them asking him about the group. He said he learned more details about the members recently due to a job. However, as the project is underway, the actor explained that he could not go into details.

Although he didn’t comment much about the work, his speech reverberated among the armys, as the fans of the septet, formed by RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook, are called.

So far, 16,400 posts have been made with mentions of the artist’s name on the microblog.

And he didn’t hide that he was surprised.

Seeing the repercussions, Lázaro joked: “I threw the bomb and I’m going to disappear”, posted on Twitter.

To kill a little curiosity, Lázaro decided to tell right away that there will be a tribute to the BTS in what he is planning.

“Hey ARMY, I’d love you to go with them. Have you thought? It’s not with them but it has a tribute. And I can’t say more. Love you all”, he stated in another post.