Lore Improta talks about milk overproduction even after breast surgery

Léo Santana’s wife, Lore Improta spoke about how the first days after the birth of the couple’s first daughter, Liz, have been. The dancer and digital influencer shared her fears in relation to breastfeeding: she feared not producing enough milk for the girl, as she has already undergone two surgeries in the breast region. The fear, however, did not materialize and she was faced with an “overproduction” of milk.

“I wouldn’t even talk about the issue of overproduction of milk, because there are many mothers who go through the process of not being able to have enough milk to feed the baby. But it’s because, as I went through two mammoplasties, I removed the breast twice… Even before, when I was pregnant, I talked a lot about this subject: ‘My God, will I be able to have milk?’ “, she explained, this Friday, on her page.

Lore continues: “Usually moms who have breast surgery have more difficulties. So I wanted to share this with you: really, I’m overproducing milk, even going through surgeries.”

The influencer also encouraged other women who have undergone breast procedures and who are expecting a baby, saying that they are able to “produce food for the child”: “At least try”.