Luisa Sonza dances in the bathroom to the sound of funk

Luisa Sonza made the fans happy by posting a video, on social networks, in which he appeared dancing and swaying in his bathroom. Wearing a white top and plaid pants, she had fun to the sound of funk.

Luisa recently won praise for releasing the acoustic version of the song “Penhasco”, which speaks of the end of her marriage to Whindersson Nunes. In addition to the single, the artist posted a video of the version on her official YouTube channel.


One of the most anticipated performances of the night, Luísa Sonza left her mark on “MTV Miaw 2021”. The singer, who decided for her performance the most intimate side of her newest album, the B side of “Doce 22”, drew tears from the spectators and left the fans shivering as she released her voice with emotion and delivered everything while singing “Penhasco ” and “Best Alone”.

With an intimate setting, with water running on all sides, the singer did not bother to make a great production and made a performance more focused on her vocals and the lyrics of the songs. In a white shirt and jeans, the artist surprised by leaving her heavy makeup aside and betting on a more clean, in addition to having fully surrendered to his presentation.

Achieving very high scores and moving all viewers with the emotion of the songs, Luísa, who has been indicating on social networks that she is going through turbulent moments, even took the audience by surprise when she changed a small part of the lyrics from “Melhor Alone” to: “ I’m no better alone.”

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