Marcelo D2’s concerts on the return of Circo Voador sell out tickets and the house announces an extra date

Administrator and great driving force of Circo Voador, producer Maria Juçá doesn’t know what it will be like when the doors of the space open again – it’s going to be difficult to hold back the avalanche, she bets, and that’s why you have to be prepared. Soon a video hit social media earlier this week, announcing the return of the post-pandemic Circus, the noise was general. Tickets for the first two shows, by Marcelo D2, on the 22nd and 23rd sold out in the blink of an eye (those from the first batch in six minutes. The others, in less than 24 hours).

This forced Juçá and D2 to create an extra, special date, on the 21st, at 9:00 pm, whose sales will begin on the Circo website at 4:20 pm this Friday. And more shows, by other artists, are scheduled until December.

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The decision to return to Circo Voador this month, says the administrator, comes after the edition of new city hall rules that allow the space to start operating with 50% of its capacity – that is, a thousand people (and not one more ) per night.

— With that, we can get away with it, and the artists too. In addition, the vaccination schedule has advanced a lot, we will still have a new protocol until the shows happen, it will be calmer – says Juçá, who hopes soon, with new city hall decrees, to obtain authorization to perform shows with 100% occupancy .

The rapper Marcelo D2 Photo: Publicity
The rapper Marcelo D2 Photo: Publicity

— Man, there’s nothing more emblematic than doing a show again and they’re at Circo Voador. I feel very honored, my musical history is directly linked to the Circus, I started as a fan and soon after I was playing there — celebrates Marcelo D2. — As Bernardo says [BNegão], after two years locked at home, now I’m home! At concerts, I’ll release the album “Assim play meu tambes” [de 2020, que acaba de ser indicado ao Grammy Latino], which I haven’t done yet. I was waiting for an opportunity and it couldn’t be better, I’m putting together a show around this record, but I’m also going to sing career hits and receive guests.

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The schedule of Circo Voador continues on the 29th with the Noite do Bem Bolado (with the Foli Griô Orchestra, the Samba Que Elas Querem and the Sexteto Sucupira) and on the 30th with the mandolinist Hamilton de Holanda. On November 5th there is a show by Chico Chico, on 6th the singer Baia will perform. On the 12th and 13th it is the turn of the reggae group Ponto de Equilíbrio, and on the 26th and 27th, Paralamas do Sucesso (the first to have to cancel their shows at the Circo, in March of last year, due to the start of preventive measures for pandemic) make their show of classics.

— We’ll finally be back at the Flying Circus after that fateful Friday in March 2020, it’s going to be soul-washing! — promises João Barone, drummer for Paralamas.

In December, the singer Céu launches her version album on the 3rd, Chico César and Geraldo Azevedo share the canvas on the 4th and rapper BK animates the nights of 10 and 11.

Circo Voador administrator, Maria Juçá Photo: Leo Martins / Agência O Globo
Circo Voador administrator, Maria Juçá Photo: Leo Martins / Agência O Globo

Ticket sales for these first concerts on the way back, Juçá says, “is going much better than what always happened at the Circo”.

— It’s a bit for the longing, a bit for the anxiety, a bit for the limitation and also a bit because the people in the public are from home — she believes, who continued working with her Circus team during the quarantine, in online shows. — Here, in person, only four people remained, from maintenance. Then we were able to take care of the Circus like never before. We worked on it, scraped all the wood, varnished everything, remade all the canvas ties, remade dressing rooms and box office… The Circus was pleasant, beautiful and fragrant.

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And in the renovated space, warns Maria Juçá, rules will have to be obeyed.

— Without his passport up to date, he won’t enter. We will carry out a screening outside and will be there, very vigilant, taking care not to have a queue. And it will be mandatory to wear a mask under the canvas, whoever wants to drink and eat will have to go outside, there will be plenty of tables and chairs – he says. — Our peace of mind is that the Circus audience is not inconsequential. But we know that if he has had two beers, he starts to get excited. And we will be on top. The worst thing that can happen after all this is that we open the Circus and it becomes a source of contamination. Those who don’t comply with protocol shouldn’t even come.

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As for almost everyone else, the pandemic was a difficult time for Circo Voador.

“We’ve been without a paycheck for five months, and everyone is doing whatever they can. We did not expect that the pandemic would last so long – admits Juçá, who runs a Circus with 70 employees. “For the first six months, I think you’ll just be replacing what’s been lost. In other words: for now it is forbidden to ask for an invitation!