Marcos Mion will lead reality show and production is in full swing | Fabia Oliveira

Marcos Mion introducing the
Playback/TV Globo

Marcos Mion presenting the “Caldeirão”

‘Túnel do Amor’, the new confinement reality show presented by Marcos Mion, at Multishow, is in full swing. With an original format, the attraction, which is a partnership with the production company Floresta, has already started to select the participants and even sent the rules for assembling the bags.

The orientation manual says that, for the program, it is allowed to take a 23 kg suitcase, which will be sealed and kept with the production, while the participants do the five-day pre-confinement in a hotel. It is also allowed to take a backpack or handbag, which after confinement will be kept by the production. Among the basic items requested are toothpaste and toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, soap, conditioner, razor blade and others for personal hygiene. Clothes must be ironed, shoes washed and sanitized.

Clothing or accessories with visible logos, soccer team shirts and accessories that hinder the capture of the lapel microphone are not allowed. Nor can electronics with internet access, books, stereos or games. Among the suggested clothes to be taken are pieces for party/party, casual clothes, physical activity, bath clothes, pajamas, lingerie, accessories, slippers and shoes. Medicines are prohibited, as the production will provide a ‘Pharmacy Box’. In case of controlled use medication, the participant must separate the amount needed for the period of recordings and present the medical prescription. These remedies must be sealed. As for cigarettes, each one takes its own and the amount according to what they will consume in the confined period.