Mauro on penalty for São Paulo: Player will have to stick his arm – 10/08/2021

São Paulo trailed 1-0 to Santos at Morumbi and got a 1-1 draw by Brasileirão when a ball kicked by Rodrigo Nestor deflected into Vinicius Balieiro’s arm and the VAR recommended a penalty kick, which was confirmed by the referee Raphael Claus. In the podcast Posse de Bola #167, Mauro Cezar Pereira states that the penalty kick was absurd and also questions the selection of Daiane Caroline Muniz dos Santos in the VAR.

“That was absurd. The lineup was already absurd, Daiane’s lineup. Why her name? Simply because she is an inexperienced person. She was a video referee at that recent women’s Brasileirão, Corinthians vs. Palmeiras, and played five games in the men’s VAR, the first in Serie A was this one, in a classic between São Paulo and Santos,” says Mauro.

“No one would talk about a penalty, if it weren’t for the Brazilian VAR’s disgraceful mania of wanting to get involved in everything and Claus, I don’t know if he wanted to be a gentleman, because the other day a penalty was not scored against Vasco, in favor of Confiança, I even praised him, he had personality, I also thought that the Confiança player is kind of throwing himself into the dispute with Castán, he was called in the VAR, looked and got the field decision. .

Mauro says that the case of the penalty scored against Santos is different from those that were scored in the round against Bahia, in the game against Corinthians, and against Palmeiras, in the game against América-MG.

“The player will now have to apply that special glue, I won’t say the name so as not to advertise, put the glue on his arm and it sticks, because if the guy makes a small move, it’s a penalty if the ball hits, and it hit here the boy’s shoulder, he didn’t open his arm, it wasn’t like the penalty by Palmeiras the night before, which opens his arm, Bahia’s the other night, I play against Corinthians, which opens his arm, he didn’t open his arm, guys , I thought that was a shame”, says Mauro.

“But she’s not the biggest culprit, she’s trained for that, her references in national video arbitration are this crap of these guys who interfere in everything, experienced guys, who have been whistling for a long time, do the same thing. So when I say that it’s bad for you to put someone without having been further tested, it’s that she’ll hardly have a way to play this role that isn’t under the very strong influence of those terrible field and video referees that we have in our country, who don’t know nor what football is, because of the markings they usually make or suggest to the field referee,” he concludes.

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