Nicole Bahls says she’s rooting for Rico Melquiades

Model and ex-panicat Nicole Bahls declared her supporter for Rico Melquiades in “The Farm 13” (Record TV). The ex-peoa defined her preference after today’s dawn was somewhat agitated in Itapecerica da Serra (SP), with the shacks and confusion between the farmer of the week and the other participants.

Bahls commented in the official note that Rico Melquíades’ team published on social media about the controversies involving the influencer and dancer Dynho Alves.

“Rich champion!” stated the model with a heart emoji.


The climate heated up among the pedestrians after the completion of the third plot of “A Fazenda 13” (RecordTV). Rico Melquiades lost control when the participants were provoked by the departure of Erika Schnneider, got into trouble with the act of throwing the coffee away, and had a strong argument with Dynho Alves.

Rico heard Tati make fun of Erika’s departure, lost control with the fact that the funkeira didn’t fall for his teasing, and ran to the pantry with the goal of throwing the coffee away – as he had said he would do to nudge his opponents.

“Oh, have a lot of coffee because what’s here [na despensa] I’m going to throw it away,” Rico shouted. “It’s not my money for me,” teased Tati. “Not Rich,” Dayane and Aline said. “Make yourself comfortable, love. Play the whole pantry,” teased Tati.

Erasmo Viana and Bil Araújo surrounded Rico Melquiades and took out the coffee pot, asking the worker to take it easy. Dynho Alves, in turn, was angry with the farmer of the week weaving threats to pedestrians and began to yell in his ear:

“Throw it away, you fuckin’ fuck**. You fuckin’ fuckin**,” shot Dynho. “I play,” replied Rico, who retrieved the pot of coffee and ran out of headquarters to fulfill his promise.

“Rico, come back man**,” Lary Bottino shouted. “You don’t change shit,” added the influencer.

Afterwards, Rico Melquiades returned to headquarters screaming and provoked Dynho Alves, who was being held by Tiago Piquilo, Erasmo Viana and Tati Quebra Barraco.

“I threw it away,” teased Rico. “You’re a vacilão. Let’s see if you’ve got a chest over there,” Dynho yelled. “Hit me. Hit me,” sneered Rico – intending to get the dancer thrown out.

The pedestrians were frightened by Dynho Alves’ anger and isolated him in a corner of the room to end the fight. The dancer, however, continued screaming, cursing Rico Melquiades:

In here you have no chest. You are a man like everyone else. Outside I catch you. Outside I catch you, your dick in the c*,

Finally, Rico Melquiades knocked on the closet door to call the production “A Fazenda 2021” with the intention of accusing Dynho Alves of having tried to attack him.

Production, he put his foot down for me to fall.

Gui Araujo countered Rico’s screams, who was being dragged into the room by Aline and Dayane. “But it didn’t fall,” he finished.

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