Novel ‘Genesis’: Herit gives up marriage to Shareder. ‘I got tired!’

At novel “Genesis”, the fights between Herit (Yana Sardenberg) and Shareder (Paulo Verlings) will continue over the years and the former peasant will remember that she lost the child she was waiting for, anticipates the purepeople. In the biblical plot that is in the final stretch, it is because of pregnancy and the cook’s distrust of being the child’s father that she ends up attacking him. “Isn’t everything we’ve been through enough? I lost our son to so much bitterness,” he says.

The new fight between Herit and Shareder, who will have seen the woman kiss another man, takes place at his house. According to the script, she will be surprised by her husband’s presence. “Wasn’t it you who threw it in my face, I only come when it’s convenient for me, and that I spend little time with you? So,” nudges Sheshi’s trusted man (Fernando Pavão).

“Please Shareder… let’s not fight anymore. It’s been two years. We need to forget about this subject once and for all”, asks Herit as she caresses her husband, getting dumped in the sequence. “Forgetting can’t be done”, he emphasizes in the soap opera that is in the last phase.

Novel ‘Genesis’: Herit tries to win back her husband

The Egyptian then cites the loss of her son and revolts the palace employee. “Are you telling me now that it was my fault you lost the baby?” “Of course not. I just think that if we weren’t in this situation, maybe the pregnancy would have taken hold. We were supposed to have a little boy running around here now… a mixture of both of us”, he retorts sadly.

Herit continues to do everything to break the ice. “Shareder… let’s not let this hurt steal anything more from us, please. I really want to have your child… leave what happened behind… it’s you I want, who I love. The only one that I’ve always loved,” he says.

“Shareder is bothered by what she said, but Herit doesn’t notice and keeps kissing her husband, but he pulls away from her,” says the script. Afterwards, Shareder walks away and frustrates the woman once more. “Those things you say sometimes… ‘the only man you’ve ever loved…’ that’s not quite true,” he claims.

Novel ‘Genesis’: Herit Gives Up Marriage to Shareder

And the ex-peasant acts firmly. “Shareder, if I wanted to be with Kaires, if I loved Kaires, I would be with him now and not here”, she says without convincing her husband: “Say! That’s what you really want, isn’t it?”. Finally, Herit explodes in anger.

“That’s enough for me! I’m tired! Do what you want. If you want to stay, stay, if you want to go, go! I don’t care anymore”, she sentences. “Herit, exhausted by the same litany as Shareder, goes to bed, blows out a lamp and lies with her back to her husband, angry at him. Shareder, angry at her attitude, picks up her sandal from the floor and leaves. slamming the door. Herit then looks towards the door, feeling,” the text concludes.