On the up: Xbox Game Pass breathes new life into Marvel’s Avengers

xCloud makes access even easier for those who want to test without having to install and input lag is imperceptible

THE Marvel’s Avengers arrival on the Game Pass gave an excellent breath to the game, even placing him among the most played on the platform in the last week. The game has reached subscription services Xbox Game Pass and Game Pass for PC last week (09/29) after end of contract with Sony that prevented the game from being available earlier, despite having been released simultaneously on PC and Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X consoles.

The game features a singleplayer campaign but it’s offered as “game-as-a-service”, and had been facing too many problems to maintain an active base of users, mainly for the launch with console performance issues PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (but less than Cyberpunk 2077), in addition to bugs including localization.

However, since the game was made available on the Xbox Game Pass, Marvel’s Avengers was once again featured and is among the most played titles in Microsoft’s subscription service. Although this does not represent direct revenue for Square Enix, all content from the main campaign and expansions is available and even for those who are not interested in it, the multiplayer mode does not require the campaign to be finished to unlock the contents, just do two tutorials, being one of them combat and very important, and the player can already immediately test any of the characters in various missions with friends..

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One of the strengths of Marvel’s Avengers is in the main campaign that brought an engaging narrative, albeit predictable, but the lack of endgame content plus an excessive and purposeless grind added to the various bugs in all versions led the game to drop in popularity a few months after its release, even causing a small hole in Square Enix’s recipe that depended on other games to ensure a healthy fiscal year..

Credits: Marvel’s Avengers

In case of Brazilian public still had the aggravating factor of the game at various times just give up on the exceptional location with dubbing by Maximal Studios (Assassin’s Creed, The Last of Us, Resident Evil Village), and alternate the Brazilian voices of Marco Ribeiro (Iron Man), Mauro Horta (Thor) and Duda Espinoza (Captain America), same actors who dub these characters in cinema, with the original voices. Also worth an extra point for choosing DLC ​​voices with Carol Ruis (Nifa – Attack on Titan) like Kate Bishop and Márcio Araújo (Milo de Scorpio – Knights of the Zodiac).

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Credits: Marvel’s Avengers

By making the title available in an affordable service, these highlights once again redeem the value of Marvel’s Avengers, and another factor that facilitates even more this access and the game being available via xCloud, without the need to install.

Besides the game being a little heavy for many systems, especially in times of crisis, the installation occupies approximately 70GB, and with the streaming service it is possible to test Marvel’s Avengers, which runs incredibly well in mobile phones and tablets, anywhere as long as the player has a compatible bluetooth controller with your mobile device of choice.

With the bad fame the game has garnered after the disastrous release many players might avoid installing the title and still risk getting frustrated, but when possible test the game from any system, this becomes a attraction that can eventually be reversed in small purchases through the game’s cosmetic microtransaction system.


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Via: Forbes