Pedestrians don’t care about the manual and we can prove it

On October 14th, “A Fazenda 13”, by Record TV, completes one month on the air. If you follow a reality show – be it this one or the one from a neighboring network – answer: have you seen so much crap in such a short time? There wasn’t! There never was! And we’re not just talking about fights. There was an overdose of punishments, expulsion and giving up as well. In the best “all at the same time, now” style, rural reality is just beginning…

In the first week, on the second day of the game, the public was already “presented” with a horrible fight between Solange Gomes and Rich Melquiades. There was also a clash between little mussun, Nego do Borel and Dynho Alves, in the bay; Tati breaking the shack with Rico, the friends Aline and Erika bullshit, everyone against Rico several times and much, much more… Although the CEO, Rodrigo Carelli, has released the spit this time, it seems that it worked like a mother who releases a child: no one even chum!

So that you don’t get lost in the face of so much confusion, we will highlight below a “dossier” of everything that has happened until the end of this article, since, certainly, with Rich Melquiades as a farmer, it comes much more by the end of the day… that’s because, in almost every mess, he was involved. There were rare moments when the digital influencer from Alagoas was left out, becoming practically a synonym of the verb “causar”. So let’s get to the facts:


We started with the “freshest”: the generalized fight that took place in the early hours of this Friday, October 8th, was such a bullshit that it is still being analyzed and could lead to more expulsion. Except for physical collision – Rich stated that Dynho put his foot in front of him, so that he would fall, and Victor threw a bottle on top of the Alagoas – the manual does not prohibit anything that happened there: tantrums and hysteria are released, without restrictions or even intensity. Even the lamentable waste of coffee, thrown by Rico on the floor, and of milk, dumped by Victor Pecoraro in the farmer’s head, it can.


In the headquarters conduct manual, there is no restriction in relation to discussion without physical contact. As long as you don’t touch your finger, pedestrians can chat at will. And that’s what gave the unfriendly tone to the first bullshit of the issue. Solange called Rich ugly, she returned it, calling her an old crone… In another little bitch between them, on the last October 4th, the ex-bathtub muse didn’t like it and a joke made by the digital influencer and said that “would break his face” if both were out of the game. Rico replied that his mother would do the same to the model. As we said, talk, you can! So, let them speak!


In the most recent fight between Solange and Rich, the model hit her chest that she wasn’t a gossip. But the day before, she and the man from Alagoas played the fifis themselves by listening to another fight between pedestrians, hiding. Let’s be fair: the model soon left and the pawn was firmly there, willing not to miss a detail. But the fact is that they were united in gossip…


This item requires annotation, because you can’t follow up, no… Participants have already been without running water and gas for 24 hours for a punishment purposely caused by Rich Melquiades (He again, look!), after he was voted the most by the house to go to the farm, getting disgusted. The Alagoas decided to walk without a microphone, which is prohibited by the attraction rules. Before that, he had already taken punishment also because of the microphone, for having forgotten to take the item off to take a shower.

The day after the first party, he forms three punishments followed by the pawn hangover. They hardly go a day without losing something for breaking rules. Until the end of this article, Aline Mineiro was the executioner, with his followers. She had already peed in the well, but “passed over”,

The stall is punishment territory too. dayane has already taken banned items twice. And he said that nothing happened…


In the contract for pedestrians it is highlighted that they cannot wear clothes with a logo, slogan, visible brand or sponsor’s brand. Apparently, the production is not very aware of the parangolés, because there are workers showing their marks… let it be!

You cannot also print clothes with the name and/or photos of the person or family member. But how Dynho Alves he walks back and forth in pajamas with his and his wife’s rags, MC Mirella?

Footwear with a very visible logo or brand; Necklaces and chains of any kind; books; lucky charms; plush toys are also prohibited.

And let’s keep waiting for more entertainment for the Brazilian family….


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