Piracicaba Hospital (SP) closes its doors for lack of money

O PIRANOT enters on duty to inform that Hospital Ilumina, which serves people with cancer, will close its doors today (8th). The reason is lack of resources.

Read the note in full below:

The Ilumina Association, which manages the Ilumina Hospital and the truck, will announce this Friday (October 8), at 4 pm, the closing of its doors, in the presence of employees (who have not been paid for two months) and of patients.

The closure will be as of today, on a temporary basis, as will announce, in detail, the President of the Board of Directors of the Association, the physician and founder of the institution, Dr. Adriana Brasil.

ERRATUM – At 6:30 pm, we corrected the information that the hospital would close for lack of transfer of resources from the City Hall.

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