Referee beaten by player has spinal injury and will have to undergo surgery | Portal Leouve

Assaulted by a player in a second division game of the Gaucho Championship, referee Rodrigo Crivellaro will undergo surgery next week. He suffered a ligament injury to the C6 vertebra. The procedure would be carried out on Thursday, but was postponed after an evaluation by a medical board in Santa Maria, where the referee resides.

According to the referee himself, reported to the RBS TV report, the procedure is considered simple and will be carried out to avoid the risk of aggravation of the injury. Crivellaro will be away from football for at least three months and will have to wear a neck brace during this period. Before the surgery was confirmed, he spoke about the matter in an interview.

The referee was hit by the player with a punch and a kick to the head while he was down in the game between Guarani, from Venâncio Aires, and São Paulo, from Rio Grande, at Edmundo Feix Stadium, last Monday. He fell unconscious and had to be rushed in an ambulance to the hospital, from where he was discharged the next day.

The aggressor had his contract with São Paulo-RS terminated, was arrested in the act while still at the stadium and was released on bail the following day. The Civil Police analyzes whether they indict the player for attempted murder or another crime, such as bodily harm. In a statement, the player’s defense stated that he “never took a risk or intended to kill” by attacking the referee.