Referee beaten in game reports fear of death out of breath and shoots player: ‘A cowardly act’


Picture: Editing – Photos: William Oliveira Guarani-RS Divulgation – FGF Reproduction

Victim of a regrettable and frightening episode last Monday (4), when he was attacked by the player William Ribeiro in a duel between Guarani-VA and São Paulo-RG, by the second division of Gauchão, the referee Rodrigo Crivellaro granted an interview to “ THROW! na Jogada”, and detailed the feeling experienced before and after being attacked by the 30-year-old forward, in case of repercussion and national revolt.

“A movie always comes to mind. It was such a cowardly act, but I have to thank you for being alive, “well” in quotes, it could be much worse. It’s about thinking about the future, trusting that everything will be fine, everything will be fine”, Crivellaro pointed out.

Hit by William Ribeiro with kicks in dangerous areas, the referee is wearing a cervical collar, and may soon undergo a surgical procedure to correct an injury to the C6 vertebra.

“There is a possibility, yes. I’ll take a new X-ray next week to see if I need it. I hope not, that it has improved, otherwise I will have to undergo surgery. Surgery is simple, but all have a risk. I pray every day so that I can recover naturally”, said Crivellaro, who also had a cut in his mouth as a result of attacks by William Ribeiro.

Arrested in the act while still in the stadium, the player can be held liable for attempted murder. Less than 24 hours after his arrest, the assailant had a custody hearing and was released from justice. The MP promised to appeal to make the arrest possible again. The Civil Police must complete investigations into the case next week and hand everything over to the judiciary, which decides whether or not there will be indictment of William Ribeiro.


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