Remember him? Sam Alves, winner of The Voice, resumes career

Sam Alves, big winner of The Voice Brazil of the second season and the team of Claudia Leitte, currently lives in New York and recently released a new single. The singer completely distanced himself from the media and went to live abroad.

“My plan now is to let things flow. I set up a studio here at home, where I have a lot of freedom to focus on the music production part, something I hadn’t focused on; I’ve been writing new songs, new sounds, and inspirations that can influence projects for the future”, said to the GShow website.


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The singer claims that old fans in Brazil still remember him. “I still get messages from fans, I meet people on the street who take time to talk about how I impacted their lives… This is one of the things I’m most grateful for”, revealed.

Last year, at the height of the pandemic, Sam revealed the reason for switching to New York also for GShow. “I had in mind that I wanted to make more songs in my style, my way, more in English. In Brazil, I felt restricted. When I had the opportunity to leave the contract, I could plan to return to the US, a more independent job, I could do things my way, in my time”, commented at the time.

I’m dating another man

Sam Alves currently dating a boy, the young Leo Moreira. Both live in New York. At the height of success, Sam he didn’t comment on his sexual orientation, but implied that he liked women.

“We moved to New York, where we currently live, and I announced a break in my career in 2018 to focus on personal life, building my life in the US, family and mental health. We have to have a balance in everything we do. […] That doesn’t mean I stopped with music, I’m just planning the next steps.”, he confessed.

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