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Remo was defeated by 1-0 against Vila Nova on Friday night (8th) for the 29th round of the Brazilian Series B, in a game held at Estádio Onésio Brasileiro Alvarenga, Oba. With the result, the Azulinos continue with 38 points and in tenth, and could fall a position if Sampaio Corrêa beat Vasco this Saturday (9th). Tigrão, on the other hand, reaches five games without losing and rises to 12th with 37 points.

Despite the setback, the remistas showed determination and willpower to seek the result. Felipe Conceição did not save in actions to reverse the score and had five attackers on the field. However, the goalkeeper of Vila Nova, Georgemy, was inspired and didn’t let anything go, guaranteeing the Colorado victory and the fifth game without defeat for his team.

Tigger players celebrate their victory against the Azulinos.
Tigger players celebrate their victory against the Azulinos. | (Photo: Vila Nova)

Goal of the game was scored by Alesson:

See what happened in Lance a Lance:

Upcoming Games:

In the 30th round, the Azulinos will go far from the capital of Pará. This time, Leão Azul will go to Santa Catarina, where he will face Brusque at Estádio Augusto Bauer next Friday (15th), at 4 pm. Vila Nova visits Brasil de Pelotas on the same day. The confrontation is scheduled to take place at 9:30 pm, at the Bento Freitas Stadium.

First time:

The Azulinos started trying to get an initial smothering. However, Vila Nova managed to balance the actions and began to seek to take advantage of the left side of the remista defense, exploiting the space left by Raimar in his climbs. In a quick counter-attack, at 12 minutes, Arthur Rezende gave a beautiful ball to Alesson, who took advantage of Thiago Ennes and Rafael Jansen’s scoring mistakes to open the scoring in the OBA.

It remains to be seen if Gedoz was irritated by his performance, by the substitution, by the ball not entering or a little bit of everything.
It remains to be seen if Gedoz was irritated by his performance, by the substitution, by the ball not entering or a little bit of everything. | (Photo: Reproduction)

The goal made Leão Azul grow in the match. The Filho da Gloria e do Triunfo totally dominated the owners of the house and they went under pressure. Victor Andrade lost a goal alone. The team from Pará took advantage of the positioning difficulties that Tigre faced, but sinned in the final pass. During the match, the muffle was characterized in air balls. Bruno Collaço was sent off before the break, leaving Vila with one less for the last part of the duel.

Second time:

Felipe Conceição changed at half-time and put Leão on top of his rival, putting forward Neto Pessoa in the vacancy of defensive midfielder Lucas Siqueira. Coach Higo Magalhães took the center forward Clayton to put Xandão and adjust the defensive sector. And the final 45 minutes returned as the first ones ended, with the Pará team going up, looking for a draw.

At 9 minutes, Felipe Gedoz risked a beautiful shot from outside the area and Georgemy made a beautiful save. The pressure continued, but the Azulinos continued to miss the last pass and corner crosses. Vila defended itself as best it could, looking for counterattacks to, who knows, kill the game with one player less. However, the numerical disadvantage made attackers easy prey.

At 21 minutes, Leão went all the way up, leaving five forwards on the field: Neto Pessoa, Lucas Tocantins, Victor Andrade, Matheus Oliveira and Jefferson, the last three making the recomposition to help the midfield and defense. At 25, Neto Pessoa gained space with a body dribble, kicked Georgemy in the right corner, who made a great save, saving Vila Nova.

Remo followed on top, putting pressure on the owners of the house, who were still looking for counterattacks, but all to no avail. The Tiger almost widens the score, but after a wrong exit from the Azulinos. Kevem saved on the line the second goal that would be the letter. A minute later, Victor Andrade lost a great chance at the penalty spot.