Rodrigo Fagundes and Wendell Bendelack sign for stable union: ‘Officialize a dream of almost 19 years’ | famous

After nearly 19 years of relationship, Rodrigo Fagundes and Wendell Bendelack they will exchange alliances at the notary’s office. The actors have already gathered the documents and filed a request this week to sign a term of stable union. The couple are also planning a bash to celebrate, with everything they’re entitled to, but only when the pandemic ends.

“We took the first step to make official a dream that has been around for almost 19 years. The party will only happen when everything is safe, because we want to celebrate together with family and friends, as we deserve and so do they,” said Rodrigo.

Wendell Bendelack and Rodrigo Fagundes with the collection of soap opera album covers — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In a recent chat with Gshow, the artists talked about the partnership and complicity on and off stage. Rodrigo immortalized the catchphrase “look at the knife” of the character Patrick, in the humorous total Zorra. Currently, the artist from Minas Gerais performed in the second season of Impuros, by Globoplay. Wendell is also on the series, and is a contributing screenwriter for the 6’s In Times of the Emperor.

During the pandemic, they were successful with reproductions of soap opera album covers. Creatives, they also opened the doors of their apartment, in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, to the series Pode Entrada, by GNT, and showed that the place is a show by itself, all inspired by cinema and literature classics.

“Because of the increasingly prevalent prejudice and intolerance, we decided to speak more openly about our relationship in the form of combat and resistance,” Wendell told Gshow.

Stable union; understand!

The common-law marriage between people of the same sex completed on May 5 this year, 10 years in Brazil. A decade ago, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) recognized — through the Direct Action of Unconstitutionality (ADI) 4277 and the Allegation of Non-Compliance with a Fundamental Precept (ADPF) 132 — the right to make a homo-affective relationship official.

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Lulu Santos and Clebson Teixeira

In 2019, they signed the term of stable union. The singer shared a click of the commitment alliances and even released an album to symbolize the relationship:

“Having exposed my affective/sexual orientation these days, maybe it was the most political act of my life and also a work. ‘Pra Semper’ is the wedding album that narrates the step by step of this relationship, the seasons of passion. They’re probably the best and most exciting songs I’ve done in the last few years because I didn’t lack reason and subject. For you, C.”

Marco Nanini and Fernando Libonati

Jô interviews Marco Nanini and Fernando Libonati

Jô interviews Marco Nanini and Fernando Libonati

The actor and producer have been working and living together for over 30 years. The two also signed a stable union contract.

Elton John and David Furnish

Elton John and her husband — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

In 2005, John and Furnish registered the civil union. “I’m very proud of the UK and the laws that have come into being since we’ve been together,” commented the singer at the time. The ceremony was held in Windsor and brought together 650 guests. They were married nine years later, on December 21, 2014.

Elton and David are parents of Zachary and Elías, conceived and raised through a surrogacy.

Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef

Ricky Martin has built a beautiful family — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

The singer surprised fans in 2017 by revealing that he secretly married the artist. The two started dating and got engaged in 2016.

“We exchanged our vows and we swore everything, and we signed all the papers we needed to sign, prenuptial agreements and everything else,” Martin said in an interview with E! News.

The singer already has four children with Jwan: twins Matteo and Valentino, plus Lucia and Renn.

Paulo Gustavo and Thales Bretas

Together since September 2014, the artist and dermatologist got married on December 20, 2015, with a ceremony and party in Rio de Janeiro. The two wore white tails and entered the altar arm in arm to the sound of the traditional Wedding March. Regina Casé gave a beautiful speech in honor of the couple.

To crown the relationship, in 2019 they were born Gael and Romeo, raised by two surrogates in the United States. Paulo died in May this year, a victim of Covid-19, but he left a legacy of humor, love, tolerance and fight against prejudice.

Homoaffective relationship is also recognized in Brazil for stable union

Homoaffective relationship is also recognized in Brazil for stable union

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